Declaring diagnosed conditions which are still under investigation

If you have a diagnosed medical condition and are awaiting further investigation or treatment you should:

  1. Answer yes to the medical history question asking if you are currently on a waiting list for investigation or treatment.
  2. Declare the medical condition on your policy

Not all our insurance providers will offer cover if you are on a waiting list for treatment or investigation, but you should still receive a selection of policies to consider.

As with all insurance policies, if you are aware of anything that will cause you to cancel at the time of booking your holiday or taking out your insurance (whichever is later) you wouldn’t be covered for that on your travel insurance policy.

If you are currently under investigation for a condition that does not have a confirmed diagnosis, we would be unable to offer you a quote at this time. When you get a confirmed diagnosis, you will be able to return to complete a quote for cover.

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