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What is the maximum trip length?

All annual policies have a maximum length for each individual trip.

Complete a quote and the maximum trip length will be shown on the 'Quote Results' page.

For some annual policies there is also a limit on the total number of days you are covered for.

Read your policy wording for full details.For annual trip policies, a number of insurance providers do provide cover for longer periods, up to 45 or 60 days.

All providers have an age limit, which is different for each provider. Above that age limit the maximum length of stay becomes the more usual 30/31 days.

For single trip policies insurance providers can offer cover for stays of up to 45 days, again with most there are age limits.

There are a couple of providers who do not have any age limits on single trip policies and they may be able to offer up to 92/94 days.

It is unlikely that we can offer cover for a single trip over this amount, or for say, a whole year.

Always check your policy wording before purchasing.

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