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Medical Travel Compared Claims Rated Box

What is it, and how will it help me?

At Medical Travel Compared, we don’t want to provide you with any old policy. We want to offer you a policy that you can feel real confidence in, and we want you to feel that confidence in every aspect of your policy.

As part of that commitment, we’ve teamed up with Claims Rated in order to help you get an idea of how other travelers, just like you, found the claims experience of a provider – before you need to put it to the test.

Claims Rated is an independent company that seeks to help customers make more informed decisions when it comes to insurance.

How it works is quite simple! When anyone makes a claim from a provider who is part of Claims Rated, that customer will be asked to complete a review about their experience. And, when we say anyone, we mean anyone – as Claims Rated will consistently audit their members to make sure that everyone’s experience, good or bad, is accounted for.

Claims Rated then collates all this feedback and makes them easily accessible for anyone who wants to learn more about a provider’s claim-handling experience. They even offer that provider a score out of ten!

How to use Claims Rated?

Making use of Claims Rated is as easy as generating a quote with us. When you generate a quote, we’ll automatically display the rating of any provider (out of ten) who is signed up to Claims Rated alongside all the other details you need to feel confidence in your quote.

Not every provider will feature a Claims Rated score as not every provider is signed up to this service. However, the number of providers is growing all the time so you can expect more and more of these scores to be available to you in the near future.

We hope that this helps you in finding the right policy for you, for the right price.

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