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Author: Tommy Lloyd, Managing Director

Tommy has over 15 years experience within the insurance industry, and his primary focus is helping travellers find the right cover for their medical conditions.

Originally posted: 11th Mar 2014

Find out why it pays

When you go on holiday with family or friends there can be advantages to covering everyone on the same travel insurance policy, particularly if one of your travelling companions has a pre-existing medical condition.

If you or a travelling companion has a pre-existing medical condition, anything from high blood pressure to diabetes, you could get more travel insurance cover by making sure that you are all covered on the same travel insurance policy.

You may think that you can save money by covering the healthy travellers on one policy, probably a cheaper one, and the traveller with the medical conditions on a separate travel insurance policy. This may be true in the short term, however it could cost you more in the long term because it leaves you with a potential gap in your travel insurance cover.

When you are all insured on the same travel insurance policy your cancellation cover should also take into account cancellation in relation to your companions medical condition, provided that the condition was declared at the time of purchasing travel insurance.

(When you arrange your travel insurance cover, your provider will ask you to declare details of any pre-existing medical conditions. This could be a health condition that you have now, or, in some cases, if you've ever had it, such as cancerous or heart related conditions).

This means, in the event that you are forced to cancel or cut short your holiday due to something related to your companion’s medical condition, so long as you are all insured on the same policy, you should all have travel insurance cover in place to be able to cancel the holiday and make a claim to recoup the cost.

In contrast if you are all covered on separate travel insurance policies it is very unlikely that anyone insured separately from the traveller with the medical condition would have cover for cancellation in these circumstances.

The last thing you want if you have been forced to cancel a holiday due the illness of travelling companion is to find out that you will be unable to make a claim to recoup the cost.

A separate travel insurance policy is unlikely to provide cover for cancellation due to your companion’s pre-existing medical condition because it is a risk that you were aware of, but they would not have known about and therefore not provided cover for.

Covering all of your travel companions on the same policy from a travel insurer who specialises in covering medical conditions may work out a few pounds more expensive initially, but it can save you money in the long term because of the additional cover with regards to your companions pre-existing medical condition.

We can can help make shopping around much easier because we provide you with a selection of quotes to cover your travelling party, including any pre-existing medical conditions, in a matter of minutes.

You can compare prices and the level of travel insurance cover provided before choosing the right policy for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

You must have a permanent UK address, have lived in the UK for the last 6 months and be registered with a medical practitioner in the UK. All trips must start and end in the UK and you must purchase the insurance before you depart for your first trip.
Annual and Single policies can be arranged for individuals, couples, families and groups. An individual policy provides cover for one person only. A couple is two individuals living at the same address. A family is either one or two parents travelling with their child or up to 10 children (under 18 years) for whom they are legal guardians and who all reside together.  A group is 2 or more people travelling together, regardless of their relationship, up to a maximum of 12. Check with your insurance provider whether everyone insured on an Annual policy must live at the same address.
Yes, on an annual trip policy, anyone named on the policy can travel separately.
You will need to add each country that you are visiting. If you are on a flight stopover this will include any countries where you leave the airport. If you are on a cruise it includes any countries where your ship will be docking at.
A pre-existing condition is a diagnosed medical condition that existed before taking out a policy. We'll ask a series of questions about the medical history for you and any travellers on your quote. If you answer yes to any of these, you will need to tell us about the traveller's conditions. This could be a condition that a traveller has now, or has had in the past. If you are not sure what conditions you need to declare, we have online support available to help you 24/7!
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