You & Your Extraordinary Blood

How much do you know about your blood?
Enter your weight to learn all about yours.

You started your life with around

0.5 pints

of blood.

At this point in your life, you were consuming around three times this amount in milk (1.5 pints) - every single day.

Blood Bag

At your current weight, your body contains around...

Pint of Beer


of blood.

Your pints of blood are made up of...


red blood cells,

Blood Cells


white blood cells,

White Blood Cells




White Blood Cells

To put that into perspective, there are 7.6 billion people on our entire planet.

That's a lot of cells - all working together to perform the essential functions that keep you alive and strong.

Red blood cells
White blood cells
Red blood cells
White blood cells
Red blood cells

When you give blood, you would normally donate

470 ml

(or just less than a Grande at Starbucks)

…which is % of those pints of blood contained in your body, right now.

Starbucks Cup

Your blood is regenerating all the time at an astonishing rate.

You create...

2 million

Blood Cells

new red blood cells every second to replace those that have reached the end of their 120 day lifespan.

After a donation, your body simply ramps up production to replace the deficit.

The volume (or the plasma) of your blood is fully replenished in just...

24-48 hours

The construction of red blood cells takes a little longer.

Blood Cell Replenishment

You can expect to have fully replenished yours in...

6-8 weeks

You could donate at least 3 pints per year.*

*Varies between male and female donors. Always check with your doctor how regularly you can donate blood.

Blood Bags

How are those 3 pints used?


2.01 would be used to treat medical conditions like cancer, anaemia and blood disorders such as sickle cell disease.



0.81 would be used in surgery, including heart operations and emergency procedures.



0.18 would be used to help treat loss of blood after giving birth.

You have been on this page



Ticking Clock

In this time, donors around the world have given...


pints of blood

Animated Pint Glasses

and saved...


human lives.

Extraordinary stuff,
isn’t it?

Blood Icons

You & Your Extraordinary Blood

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