Editorial Policy

Our goal

At Medical Travel Compared, we’ve always been committed to you: our customers. From 2013, we’ve been striving to help you to find the right cover for you easily and at the right price, so that you can feel prepared and confident. Our Articles and Blog Posts are a continuation of that commitment.

We are committed to sourcing the best content on a wide variety of conditions, issues and factors – and providing it to you in an easily accessible and understood manner. In doing so, we hope that we can support you even after you’ve sourced your insurance and help to inspire the same level of confidence that any of our quotes would. After all, we firmly believe that a pre-existing condition should not mean the end of your travels – and if any of our work can help you continue those travels despite that, then our entire mission has been a success.

Our team

The vast majority of our content is created internally, by the Medical Travel Compared team. In doing so, we help to create content that is distinctly ours – and that we can be proud to share with you, as well as confident that it will provide the information you need. You can rest assured that we’ll always task the best-suited member of our team to any article, to ensure we can provide expert-level guidance and assistance.

On occasion, we’ll invite figures from outside our team to write articles for us. Before we do so, we’ll work hard to verify that their level of knowledge is sufficient for us to feel confident in presenting their article. If we’re happy, we encourage them to write about what they know best – but we retain all editorial control over the content. As such, you can rest assured that any article – from the Medical Travel Compared Team, or an external expert – will be on the same, high quality we always aim for.

Key terms and conditions/disclaimers

Our site and content do not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment of any medical conditions. You should always consult a medical professional to ensure you are healthy and fit enough to travel.

The information on our site does not constitute financial advice. Always do your own research for your specific circumstances as the information contained within this site is built to offer generic, not bespoke guidance.

Occasionally we link to other websites to provide you with additional information or guidance. We can’t be responsible for their content.

In order to ensure we are fully independent and free from bias, so we can present you with the most reliable and expert information, we do not receive any financial gain from our Content or Articles. This can include - but is not limited to - sponsored posts, affiliate links and advertisements.

We work to ensure that every single author – from the Medical Travel Compared team, to external experts – are free from any conflict of interest which might impede our ability to provide you with comprehensive and expert assistance.

Social media

As part of our commitment to make our content and information as widely available as we can, we will share these through our Social Media Channels, including:

While our Social Media is subject to the same high standards as the rest of our content, it is subject to a few specific Terms and Conditions, which we would like to highlight for you. We allow comments across our Social Media channels, to help engage a conversation and foster community. However, Medical Travel Compared cannot be held responsible for the contents or claims of individual comments.

As part of our desire to engage in conversations and foster community, members of the Medical Travel Compared team will often reply to comments as promptly as they can. We are unable to resolve issues with our website via this medium, however, and would encourage you to Contact Us through alternative means.

We reserve the right to Moderate any comment which is deemed to be inappropriate by the Medical Travel Compared team – up to, and including, deleting the comment in question. This will be done without notification.