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What is winter sports travel insurance?

Winter sports insurance cover is essentially an add-on to a standard medical travel insurance policy or a single specialist policy that can cover you for medical treatment should you incur any injuries on the ski slopes or in any other winter sport setting.

Having a medical condition should never prohibit you from enjoying a winter sports holiday – although, it will likely impact your travel insurance.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for the best ski holiday insurance deals or best winter sports insurance cover in general – you can compare quotes for specialist medical travel insurance with us.

Before you do, though - feel free to continue reading to find out everything you need to know about this type of travel insurance. You can use the menu to navigate this page as you see fit. 

COVID-19 Medical Cover

We’ll only show you quotes from providers who cover emergency medical expenses (including repatriation to the UK) if you catch the virus whilst travelling abroad.

Enhanced COVID Cover

Extra cover that'll give you & your holiday even more protection against COVID-19. Compare quotes from leading providers with this additional cover today.

What other winter sports are usually covered?

Besides from skiing (standard and off-piste), other winter sports include: 

  • Snowboarding
  • Tobogganing
  • Ice-skating
  • Ice hockey
  • Bobsleighing
  • Luging
  • Glacier climbing, walking or trekking
  • Ice fishing

As fun as taking part in winter sports might be, sometimes they can be dangerous. Many holidaymakers have needed medical treatment whilst staying in various ski resorts abroad over the years.

A standard single trip travel insurance policy is unlikely to cover you for winter sports, and you should consider a policy individually designed for winter sports holidays.

It’s important to know exactly what kind of activities you plan to partake in before getting a quote for winter sports travel insurance.

Do I need winter sports travel insurance?

Given the number of people who book ski holidays every year, winter sports travel insurance is very common - and for good reason. 

Most standard travel insurance policies won’t include the suitable coverage you need for this type of trip. 

Some might - but you should never assume that a standard travel insurance policy will cover you for your ski holiday. The same applies for your European Health Insurance card (EHIC), which can cover certain medical costs within the jurisdiction of Europe but it is not a suitable substitute for winter sports cover.

You may expect a ski insurance policy to cover you for any potential medical costs and also any issues related to ski equipment. For example, it is highly advised to ensure that you have a sufficient level of baggage cover to replace any lost possessions – like expensive ski gear.

It is also recommended that the cancellation cover included in your policy is equal to or even greater than the cost of your holiday overall – and considers any pre-booked equipment or ski lessons.

What does winter sports travel insurance cover?

Winter sports travel insurance cover varies from case to case and depends on the insurer.

You can expect a standard medical travel insurance policy to cover you for curtailment, cancellation, lost, damaged or stolen personal belongings, personal accidents, emergency medical expenses, legal expenses, personal liability, and travel delay.

However, a specialist winter sports insurance policy is designed to go further. This may well include stretch to cover you for unforeseen circumstances like avalanches or piste closures out of your control.

Specialist ski equipment insurance may also cover you for equipment hire if it ends up being damaged, lost or stolen.

Will my policy cover me for off-piste skiing?

Not all insurers provide off-piste ski insurance – so it’s important to check the wording on a prospective policy before actually purchasing, especially if it’s a standard ski-insurance or general winter sports travel insurance policy.

Off-piste skiing is generally considered to be more of a potential risk on your health than skiing on normal routes. Like you need to be a more advanced skier to attempt off-piste runs, you need a more advanced insurance policy as a result.

Off-piste insurance may cover helicopter costs if you need to be airlifted or rescued from a remote area. In Europe, these costs can be huge – so having the right kind of travel insurance tailored towards potential situations like this is of the utmost importance.

What are the different levels of ski insurance cover?

Yes, there are different levels of ski and winter sports cover - and this is usually reflected in the cost. 

So, while you might be pleased to find a variety of very cheap quotes - just bear in mind that these policies might not offer everything you need. 

It’s worth paying slightly more to get the most comprehensive level of coverage if you feel you need it. That way, you can rest assured that you won’t be out of pocket should you ever need to make a claim - and you can enjoy your winter sports holiday with peace of mind.

Optional extras

Winter sports cover is one of a selection of optional extras you can add to single trip or annual multi-trip travel insurance. 

When you compare cover with us, you can add cruise cover and gadget cover along with winter sports cover if you wish to do so.

Can I get family ski insurance?

Yes - you can add winter sports cover to family travel insurance if you need to. Again, not all providers offer this type of coverage, but many do - and you can compare quotes from them all in one place with Medical Travel Compared. 

All you need to do is select winter sports cover from the optional extras menu and then click the family option when asked who you’d like to be covered on our quick and easy online form.

We’ll then provide you with quotes from a range of suitable providers who can cover the whole family for your winter sports holiday.

Compare deals and get the best ski holiday cover

With Medical Travel Compared, you can compare winter sports cover from a range of specialist travel insurance providers - all in one place. 

This takes away the hassle of jumping from website to website looking to get the best deal. Once you complete our fast online form, we do it all for you - searching quotes from multiple providers all offering specialist cover for winter sports activities. 

Why not explore your options and get a quote today? And, don’t forget to select the winter sports option!

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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ll only show you quotes from providers who are able to cover emergency medical expenses (including repatriation to the UK) if you catch the virus whilst travelling abroad.

Some of our providers are able to offer additional cover, such as cancellation cover should you catch COVID-19 or have to self-isolate because of suspected symptoms before departure. We’ll make it clear who these providers are when you’re comparing quotes so you can choose the policy that is right for you.

This doesn’t apply to all insurance providers, so unless otherwise stated, for all other sections of cover, you wouldn’t be covered if making a claim as a result of COVID-19.

For more information, we recommend reading our full guide here.

If the FCDO are advising against all, or all but essential travel to your destination at the time of your trip, there will be no, or extremely limited cover provided by your policy.

You can still choose to take out a policy now for a future holiday, but it is very important to note that if the FCDO are still advising against all but essential travel to your destination at the time of your trip, your cover will not be valid.

For more information, we recommend reading our full guide here.

Once you've received a quote you can check your policy wording to make sure your winter sports activity is covered.
Single trip insurance is for one-off, individual trips and will cover your specified travel dates. This is usually up to 45 days, however, some insurance providers can cover up to 94 days. If you’re not a frequent traveller, single trip cover is a great option and will likely be cheaper than an annual multi-trip cover.
If you travel 2 or more times a year, annual trip cover may very well save you money. The maximum duration of any trip will always be specified and will vary by provider. But don't worry, when you get a quote we'll ask you what your maximum trip length is and only show you quotes which match!
You will need to add each country that you are visiting. If you are on a flight stopover this will include any countries where you leave the airport. If you are on a cruise it includes any countries where your ship will be docking at.
A pre-existing condition is a diagnosed medical condition that existed before taking out a policy. We'll ask a series of questions about the medical history for you and any travellers on your quote. If you answer yes to any of these, you will need to tell us about the traveller's conditions. This could be a condition that a traveller has now, or has had in the past. If you are not sure what conditions you need to declare, we have online support available to help you 24/7!

* Price is based on 1 traveller aged 61, who has no medical conditions and is travelling to Spain for 7 nights with winter sports cover. Price is correct as of December 2019. Prices may vary according to your individual requirements.

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