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Travelling After Surgery

Dr Sarah Jarvis highlights the importance of rest and recovery before embarking on a holiday following an operation, providing valuable insights on ensuring a safe and smooth journey.

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What Impacts Your Premium

Are you about to travel and need insurance but do not know what the premiums will be? We explore what factors impact how much you would be expected to pay for your travel insurance policy.

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Missed Flights and Travel Insurance

Discover our guide to travel insurance for missed flights. Explore common scenarios and learn how this insurance can provide you with peace of mind.

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Travel Insurance for Short Trips Away

In this guide, discover the importance of travel insurance, even if you're heading away on a short trip or weekend getaway. Explore the different types of policy and be prepared for your next escape!

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Travelling With an Underactive Thyroid

Dr Sarah Jarvis shares advice on travelling with an underactive thyroid. Discover comprehensive tips to ensure you are fully prepared for your next holiday.

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Travelling With an Overactive Thyroid

A condition that is far more common as you get older, read Dr Sarah Jarvis' top tips for travelling with an overactive thyroid.

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Insurance Quotes and Your Credit Score

Looking for a good insurance quote? Discover whether browsing insurance quotes on a comparison website will have any effect on your credit score.

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Travelling With a Stoma

Having a stoma shouldn't stop us from enjoying our holiday just as much as anyone else. Dr. Sarah Jarvis shares her top tips on how to plan your next holiday with confidence.

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End Supplier Failure

In travel insurance, end supplier failure can cover you in the event of your airline or travel company going bust. Here we answer some common questions about this cover.

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Travel Insurance Exclusions

A guide to travel insurance exclusions detailing the key areas to look out for when buying cover, and how to avoid getting caught out when making a claim!


What Do I Need to Declare on My Travel Insurance?

Discover the essentials of travel insurance declarations in our comprehensive guide. Learn what to declare to ensure you are fully covered for your next holiday.

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Repatriation Cover Explained

Find out everything you need to know about medical repatriation - and how to find the right cover to protect you should you ever need to be transported home due to sickness or injury.

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Defaqto Ratings Explained

Find out everything you need to know right here - including how to use Defaqto star ratings when comparing travel insurance.

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Group Travel Insurance

Find out why you may want to consider getting a group policy if you're travelling with friends or family - especially if one of you has a pre-existing medical condition.

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Why Your Next Holiday Needs Personal Belongings Cover

In this guide, learn more about travel insurance with personal belongings cover. Discover essential tips on cover limits, policy exclusions, excesses and secure protection for your valuables.

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Car Accidents on Holiday

In this guide, we explore the role of travel insurance in offering financial security following unexpected events such as car accidents whilst abroad.

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Top Tips for Travelling with High Cholesterol

In her latest guide, Dr. Sarah Jarvis shares her top tips for travelling with high Cholesterol. From eating right to staying active, read on for more.

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Cancellation Cover Explained

Cancellation Cover is an important part of any travel insurance policy. We’ve explained the benefits & how to choose the right level of cancellation cover.