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Frequently Asked Brexit Questions

We're all fed up with it, but there is still some uncertainty around Brexit and what impact this could have on travelling.

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Flying with a Chest Infection Cold or Flu

Flying with a chest infection, cold, or flu? Find out if flying with a cold is dangerous and answer your questions about flying with pneumonia.

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Taking Medication Abroad

Expert advice for travellers with pre-existing medical conditions. Everything you need to know about taking your medication abroad.

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What is Claims Rated?

Get an idea of how other travelers, just like you, found the claims experience of a provider.

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A Guide to Buying Travel Insurance Online

Buying medical travel insurance online with us is simple. This guide explains how to find the best deals and what to consider when choosing a policy.

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Travel Insurance with Medical Screening

Declaring pre-exisitng conditions on your travel insurance with has never been easier. Our online medical history facility will help you find cover online!

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Travel Insurance Destinations Guide

Insurance prices can differ depending on the destination you're travelling to. Find out more.

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Travel Insurance Policy Types Explained

Planning a holiday? Compare the different types of travel insurance policies available to protect you in case things don’t go to plan!

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Does Travel Insurance Cover Strike and Industrial Action?

Find out how your travel insurance policy works in the event of industrial action like airline strikes, baggage handling or air traffic control strikes.

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Cancellation Cover for Travel Insurance

Cancellation Cover is an important part of any travel insurance policy. We’ve explained the benefits & how to choose the right level of cancellation cover.

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Travel Insurance Exclusions To Look Out For

A guide to travel insurance exclusions detailing the key areas to look out for when buying cover, and how to avoid getting caught out when making a claim!

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Destination & Travel Insurance Premiums

Did you know that the cost of travel insurance can vary depending on your chosen destination to travel to?

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Travel Insurance Cover Explained

A list of the basic components which make up a typical travel insurance policy. Find our more before arranging your cover.

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Covering Your Travel Companions on the Same Policy

Put Companions on the Same Insurance Policy to ensure cover is in place for a companions existing medical condition. Find out why.

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Knowing the Facts about EHIC

Many tourists think that carrying an EHIC card is enough to cover any medical emergency whilst on holiday, but that's not always the case.

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Travelling to Cyprus?

Read our guide for some handy hints on travelling to Cyprus with pre-existing medical conditions.

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The Three Important Numbers To Remember

The Three Important Numbers To Remember when planning to travel abroad, British consular & medical assistance number of your travel insurance provider.

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Travel Insurance Do's and Dont's

Read our guide on the do's and don’ts when booking travel insurance to make your trip as simple and stress-free as possible.