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Tommy has over 15 years experience within the insurance industry, and his primary focus is helping travellers find the right cover for their medical conditions.

Originally posted: 17th Oct 2013

Compare heart condition travel insurance

We understand how hard it can be to find competitive travel insurance with a heart condition - so we’re making it easier for you!

With Medical Travel Compared, you can compare fast quotes for specialist travel insurance in a matter of minutes.

You can compare cheap quotes across over 40 well-known and reliable insurance providers to find excellent cover at amazing value. We’re sure you’ll find suitable heart condition travel insurance in a matter of minutes - so you can get back to planning your holiday!

Why do I need to declare my heart condition for travel insurance?

It’s important to declare any heart conditions in order to compare quotes for the specialist cover you need.

Getting a quote with us is easy and quick. It’s likely that you will need to answer some questions based on the specific nature of your condition.

The answers you provide enables us to gather more of an understanding of your medical history. This helps us to provide you quotes from a range of different providers that you can compare.  Why not give it a try right now?

Getting the right travel insurance for someone with a heart condition

If you have a heart condition - you might be worried about paying over the odds for travel insurance.

It can often be challenging to find the exact cover for what you need, but when you can compare quotes from all the best providers all in one place, the process is much easier.

Not only can we offer you excellent choice from over 40 providers - we also offer speed, convenience and value for money. You can rest assured that you’ll find the right policy for you at a competitive price through our straightforward online comparison service.

You may also find this article, Travelling with a Heart Condition, written by the British Heart Foundation helpful.

Key features of our travel insurance comparison for heart conditions

Gone are the days of bouncing from one travel insurance site to the next. We enable you to compare cover across over 40 leading providers all at once.

From Amiral and More Than to Legal & General, Virgin Money, The Post Office and many more - we work with them all.

As soon as you complete our quick online form, you can shop around right away and get yourself insured in no time.

Getting travel insurance for a heart condition when you have other medical conditions

The beauty of our service is that you can declare multiple pre-existing medical conditions simultaneously.

Don’t just assume that you’ll need to take out a separate policy for each condition you have.

So if you need travel insurance with heart condition cover, but you also need cover for a separate condition - fear not!

We can still help you to get insured for all medical conditions you declare, so give it a try today.

Why choose Medical Travel Compared?

Finding travel insurance for someone with a heart condition needn’t be a hassle. If you want to do a fast and easy comparison across a range of competitive quotes for specialist cover across all the leading medical travel insurance providers, look no further than Medical Travel Compared.

We can help you to find cover for all types of heart conditions - so you can take a break with peace of mind, knowing that if you did face a heart-related emergency abroad - you’re covered.

Thousands of people have purchased travel insurance for heart conditions with us in the past - and we’re just as keen to help even more people get the cover they need in the future.

Our glowing reviews tell you all you need to know about our useful and convenient online service - so why not join our community of happy customers and get insured with Medical Travel Compared today?

What heart conditions can be covered with my travel insurance?

There are a variety of different heart conditions that we can help you find cover for.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve undergone heart surgery, had a one-off heart attack or suffer from a range of other cardiac diseases - you can find travel insurance including cover for many heart conditions.

All you need to do is declare them with us in order to compare the most relevant quotes.

Cardiomyopathy travel insurance

Medical Travel Compared can also find suitable cover for cardiomyopathy patients.

Having this condition shouldn’t prevent you from travelling, but, as always, it’s best to consult your doctor before getting anything booked.

Holiday insurance that covers your cardiomyopathy will put your mind at ease, knowing you’re well-prepared for any situation.

When you complete our online form, you’ll be asked about the finer details of your condition. All you need to do is answer as accurately as you can - and we’ll provide you with a range of quotes from cardiomyopathy travel insurance providers in the UK.

Travel insurance after heart bypass surgery

Again, you shouldn’t feel prohibited from travelling abroad just because you’ve undergone heart bypass surgery.

Finding travel insurance with us is in this case is still straightforward  - but we would always strongly recommend taking the advice of your surgeon or doctor before travelling abroad.

At the very least, you should avoid travelling up until 6 weeks after surgery. Then, we can help you get on the right path to finding a policy that will protect you in the event of any potential post-surgery mishaps.

Costs of heart condition travel insurance

Your age, the destination you’re travelling to and the duration of the trip all have an influence on the base rate of travel insurance.

The price is also likely to increase once you declare any heart conditions. This is essentially the cost of adding specialist cover on top of the standard coverage you’ll get from your usual travel insurance policy (cancellation, personal accident etc.).  

However, despite probably needing to pay more than you would for a standard travel insurance policy, you can still compare cheap quotes for specialist heart condition cover when you search with Medical Travel Compared!

Single trip travel insurance with heart conditions

For a one-off holiday, single trip travel insurance is the best option.

This type of policy suits those who only go away once or possibly twice a year. Your single trip policy will still usually cover you for a variety of things  - although, you’ll need a policy that includes specialist cover for your particular heart condition(s).

Then you can go and enjoy your holiday without any niggling doubts in the back of your mind about not having adequate insurance.

Annual travel insurance with heart conditions

If you have a heart condition and you travel multiple times per year - annual travel insurance with heart conditions cover is probably the best option.

This approach could prove to be more cost-effective in the long run. It saves you the time, effort and expense of taking out a new policy for each trip - and provides the specialist cover you need for the entire year.

As you get towards the end of the year, it’s likely that your insurance provider will give you the option to renew.

Either way, whichever policy suits you best - rest assured that you can find the right type for you right here at Medical Travel Compared.

Can I get travel insurance with a pacemaker?

Travelling with a pacemaker isn’t a problem. In fact - if you have a pacemaker implanted, you can actually declare it as a condition when getting a quote with us.  

Talk to your doctor beforehand about how to prepare, and be aware that your pacemaker may set off the metal detectors at the airport.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you will need to declare if you, or any traveller, have ever had any diagnosed heart related medical conditions.

It's really simple and quick to do! After you've told us about your trip details and answered some medical history questions you can add your pre-existing conditions, one by one, for each traveller. You'll only need to enter your details once, it's all online and there's no need to call, or provide details of your conditions in writing.

Once you've declared all of your relevant pre-existing medical conditions we'll only show you quotes based on the conditions you have told us about.

No, we are unable to provide cover with any of your pre-existing medical conditions excluded.

You should tell us about the medical condition that required the procedure/operation. We will then ask about any treatments in the follow-up questions if this information is necessary.

* Price is based on 1 traveller aged 61, who has declared atrial fibrillation and is travelling to Spain for 7 nights. Price is correct as of December 2019. Prices may vary according to your individual requirements.

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