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Tommy has over 15 years experience within the insurance industry, and his primary focus is helping travellers find the right cover for their medical conditions.

What is COVID-19 travel insurance?

Every single policy we show you will cover you for emergency medical expenses should you, or your travelling companions, catch COVID-19 whilst you are abroad. This means that if you require treatment, you’ll be able to get help with the medical costs or even be brought home for treatment if required.

We’ve also been working hard to make sure you have access to the best cover possible and some of the travel insurance providers on our site are now able to offer you Enhanced COVID-19 Cover. This enhanced cover will give you even more protection against COVID-19 for your holiday.

COVID-19 Medical Cover

We’ll only show you quotes from providers who cover emergency medical expenses (including repatriation to the UK) if you catch the virus whilst travelling abroad.

Enhanced COVID Cover

Extra cover that'll give you & your holiday even more protection against COVID-19. Compare quotes from leading providers with this additional cover today.

What does COVID-19 insurance include?

What’s included with Enhanced COVID-19 Cover will vary depending on who your travel insurance provider is. But, don’t worry, we’ll clearly show you the Enhanced COVID-19 Cover terms and conditions, so you can see exactly what you are protected against. Here’s just some of the cover which may be available as part of your Enhanced COVID-19 protection for you, and your travelling companions.

Before your holiday

  • You catch COVID-19 before you travel and need to cancel your trip 
  • You are required to quarantine or self-isolate at the time of your trip departure and need to cancel your trip
  • A family member you were due to stay with has to self isolate and you have nowhere else to stay
  • You have been made redundant and cannot afford to travel anymore
  • Your travel provider goes into administration due to COVID-19
  • You are denied boarding by your airline due to COVID-19 symptoms

During your holiday

  • You are asked to return home early from your trip by the local authorities due to COVID-19
  • Additional accommodation costs if you need to self isolate and extend your trip
  • A family member becomes ill with COVID-19 or passes away and you need to return home early
  • You have COVID-19 symptoms and need to cancel pre-booked excursions
  • You test positive for COVID-19 and need to return home early to self isolate (for example if you are holidaying in the UK)
  • You are denied boarding by your airline when coming back to the UK due to COVID-19 symptoms

It’s really important that you do check your policy terms thoroughly. If you’re still unsure, then speak with your chosen travel insurance provider directly who can give you guidance on what they can and cannot cover you for.

In most circumstances, you may be asked for medical certification, or confirmed test results, if your claim is in relation to COVID-19.

And, don’t forget, your policy will include emergency medical cover for COVID-19 even if you don’t choose a policy with Enhanced COVID-19 cover.

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What doesn’t COVID-19 insurance include?

This will vary, policy by policy, and unless otherwise stated, providers won’t be able to cover you for anything related to COVID-19, other than emergency medical expenses cover whilst you are away. 

It is unlikely that any travel insurance provider will be able to cover you if you can’t travel due to government restrictions (including regional or national lockdowns), advice from the Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office, or a country closing their borders, if this is due to COVID-19.

Most providers will also restrict cover if you decide not to go on holiday. This includes if you are worried about catching the virus whilst you are on your trip, the facilities at your hotel being restricted, or if you are expected to quarantine either when you get to your destination, or when you come back to the UK.

How can I get COVID-19 insurance?

It’s really easy to find a policy with Enhanced COVID-19 Cover. Just tell us about your trip details, add any medical conditions for you, or your travelling companions, and we’ll show you all the quotes that are available. We will clearly display which policies offer Enhanced COVID-19 Cover and will show you a link to the specific terms of this cover

If you are ready - then start comparing quotes now!

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Does COVID-19 insurance cost extra?

If a provider is able to offer Enhanced COVID-19 Cover, this will be included within the price shown. There are no additional charges, meaning the price you see is the price you pay.

And don't forget that your policy will continue to provide all other cover for non-COVID-19 incidents.

What else do I need to know?

There’s a lot of things to consider, and Dr Sarah Jarvis has created some useful guides to give you all the information you need to travel safely.

You can also check out our guide below which has all the very latest information on the impact of COVID-19 on travel and insurance.

COVID-19 & Travel Insurance

Yes, if your policy has Enhanced COVID-19 Cover this will include cancellation protection. The cover will vary by provider and we’ll clearly show you what is covered when you get a quote. Compare COVID-19 cover in minutes with us today.

All of our quotes will include cover if you fall ill with COVID-19 whilst abroad and need emergency treatment, and, if Enhanced COVID-19 Cover is available, this will be included within your quote too. You won’t have to pay any additional extra.

We’ll only show you quotes from providers who are able to cover emergency medical expenses (including repatriation to the UK) if you catch the virus whilst travelling abroad.

Some of our providers are able to offer additional cover, such as cancellation cover should you catch COVID-19 or have to self-isolate because of suspected symptoms before departure. We’ll make it clear who these providers are when you’re comparing quotes so you can choose the policy that is right for you.

This doesn’t apply to all insurance providers, so unless otherwise stated, for all other sections of cover, you wouldn’t be covered if making a claim as a result of COVID-19.

For more information, we recommend reading our full guide here.

If the FCDO are advising against all, or all but essential travel to your destination at the time of your trip, there will be no, or extremely limited cover provided by your policy.

You can still choose to take out a policy now for a future holiday, but it is very important to note that if the FCDO are still advising against all but essential travel to your destination at the time of your trip, your cover will not be valid.

For more information, we recommend reading our full guide here.

Cancellation amounts will be per person. So, if you were going on a trip for 2 people which cost £1,000 in total you would ideally need cancellation cover for at least £500.

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