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Tommy has over 15 years experience within the insurance industry, and his primary focus is helping travellers find the right cover for their medical conditions.

Originally posted: 11th Jan 2022

What is gadget cover travel insurance?

When you’re packing for your next holiday, you’re likely to have your phone, tablet, camera and earphones on your list. All these gadgets and electronic items will likely have cost you a lot over the years, so what would happen if someone stole your laptop? Or if your kindle is accidentally dropped in the pool? Having gadget cover on your travel insurance is always a great extra comfort blanket if you’re going abroad, so should anything happen to your belongings you know you’ve got the cover to replace them when you come home.

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Why do I need it?

We love a good holiday abroad each year, but what most people aren’t aware of is that your standard travel insurance probably doesn’t include gadget cover, or it won’t cover the more expensive stuff, like laptops and high-spec cameras. Usually, you’ll be covered up to a certain price limit and you may have to pay your excess to claim for them. So if you’re taking quite a few gadgets, cover for them is definitely worth looking at.

What does it cover?

Usually your insurer will cover most electronic devices and handheld technology. If you’re unsure if a specific gadget you have will be covered then it’s best to get in contact with the insurer before you take out the policy, to be 100% certain it will be covered.

Items that are usually covered include:

  • Mobile phone (smartphone / iPhone)
  • Laptop
  • iPad / Tablet
  • Digital Camera / Camera Lenses
  • iPod/ MP3 Players
  • Games Console
  • Kindle / e-reader
  • Sat Nav
  • DVD Play
  • Bluetooth headsets
  • Headphones / Earphones

What are the different types of gadget cover?

There are 3 main types of cover when it comes to gadget travel insurance:

  • Liquid damage: most of our tech items aren’t waterproof (if only!) so when you’re on the beach, or by the pool it’s good to know that if your device gets water spilled on it then your insurance provider will cover the cost.
  • Accidental damage: if your gadget gets accidentally damaged whilst travelling then your provider should cover the costs of the repair.
  • Theft: if your tech belongings are stolen then your travel insurer should replace them, or the missing parts.
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How do I add gadget cover to my policy?

When getting a quote on our site, all you have to do is make sure you click on the Gadget Cover button to make sure this is included in your quote results. 

When comparing quotes, you could also use our handy filter to only compare those policies that have gadget cover included – letting you compare the price, gadget and medical cover all at once.

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What’s excluded from my gadget cover?

Gadget cover doesn’t cover absolutely everything, so it’s just important to look at what is excluded as part of this cover. These usually include:

  • Number of claims – most insurers will only let you make a certain number of claims within a particular length of time.
  • Age of your tech – the gadget must be less than 4 years old for example.
  • UK only gadgets – your insurers may not protect you for tech bought outside the UK.
  • Number of items – if you take any additional gadgets that aren’t already included on your cover you won’t be protected for these.
  • Manufacturing Issues – if there’s a problem with your device due to manufacturing faults you will not be covered for this.
  • General wear and tear – you won’t be covered for lack of maintenance.
  • Viruses – if your device catches a virus whilst on holiday you won’t be covered for this by your provider, so make sure you’ve sorted the antivirus protection yourself.
  • Data – if you loose or damage the data on your phone then your insurer will not pay out for this, so make sure you back everything up!
  • Cosmetic damage – you won’t be able to claim for scuffs and bumps on your travel insurance.

Tips for travelling with gadgets

  • Leave you gadgets in your hotel if you don’t need them, it’s better they’re in a locked safe in your hotel room.
  • Back everything up before you leave, just in case.
  • Protect your stuff, get covers, cases and screen protectors to make sure your devices stay in top condition.
  • Turn off your data roaming on your phone if you don’t have a romancing contract, otherwise you could get some pretty hefty bills. If you’re not sure what contract you have then check with your network provider before you go.
  • Don’t forget to bring your chargers and any accessories your gadgets needs. You might also need a plug adapter too.

Compare travel insurance with gadget cover

The easiest way to get a deal on your gadget travel insurance is to compare lots of different providers all at once. That’s where we come in. We can help you compare multiple providers with your special medical requirements filtered into the results.

So why not have a little look and grab a quote today? Just don’t forget to click the gadget cover button too.

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Gadget cover, such as for mobiles, laptops and tablets, can be added as an optional extra to your quote. If you are going on a long trip, it may very well be worth ensuring you have gadget cover in place.

If you are going on 2 or more trips a year, then an Annual Trip policy may save you money!

Suppose you’ve had hepatitis or are currently suffering from hepatitis and want to travel. In that case, you should always speak to your doctor or a healthcare professional before booking anything. Looking into specialised medical travel insurance means you can travel with peace of mind that you're covered should anything happen regarding your condition whilst you’re away.


Single Trip insurance is for one-off, individual trips and will cover your specified travel dates. This is usually up to 45 days; however, some insurance providers can cover up to 94 days. If you’re not a frequent traveller, single trip cover is a great option and will likely be cheaper than an annual multi-trip cover.

Declaring any pre-existing conditions in relation to the heart is important - as it enables insurance providers to offer you the right type of insurance to cover you should anything happen as a result of your condition while abroad. Most travel insurance providers will need to know if you've ever had any diagnosed heart-related health conditions.

It's easy! Enter your details just once and you'll be able to compare quotes from over 30 specialist providers. We'll even e-mail your top quotes to you so you can access them at any time. Once you've found the policy that is right for you, pay securely online and your documents will be sent to you directly from your insurance provider.

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If we're unable to help you find cover for a pre-existing medical condition, the Money Helper Directory has listings of companies that may be able to assist you. Further details can be found on their website.

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