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Tommy has over 15 years experience within the insurance industry, and his primary focus is helping travellers find the right cover for their medical conditions.

Originally posted: 1st Sep 2022

Do you need specialist travel insurance for Osteoporosis?

Before heading on holiday, it’s best that you take out specialised cover as standard insurance will not cover you for any unforeseen complications. Don’t worry though, we’re here to help. 

Whilst osteoporosis isn’t a critical illness, you may have to tell your travel insurance provider about this health condition when taking out your cover. We want to take care of the insurance part, so you can take care of the holiday planning.  

Even if you’ve only recently been diagnosed, not mentioning it when you take out standard insurance can mean your cover is invalid - so any potential expenses incurred as a result of your condition or a holiday cancellation may not be covered - which isn’t the holiday expense anyone wants.

The NHS states that over 3 million people are living with osteoporosis - and we want to make sure you find the right cover so you can continue doing all the things you love on holiday. 

Whilst osteoporosis or osteopenia shouldn’t prevent you from enjoying a nice, relaxing holiday (plus a much-needed dose of vitamin D is great for bone health!), having weaker bone density and being more prone to bone injury can mean specialist care if you do need medical help overseas.

Specialist osteoporosis policies have a wider range of medical cover than standard travel insurance, meaning you and your holiday are protected - just in case. And it really isn’t a faff to tell us about your osteoporosis or osteopenia. Simply add it whilst getting a quote and, after a few short and easy questions, the rest is taken care of.

If you have a related illness or if you are unsure about whether to declare a condition, just let our online chat team know - they’ll answer any queries you may have. We’re here to help.

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Medical screening for declaring Osteoporosis

First things first, we'll ask you a few short questions to see whether or not you need to tell us about your health condition. You'll usually need to tell us about your osteoporosis if you've been prescribed medication (including repeat prescriptions), or been to hospital or seen any medical practitioner (such as a GP) about your condition within the last 2 years.

As with many conditions, osteoporosis or osteopenia can have a variety of symptoms and we know these differ from person to person. The medical screening for osteoporosis may seem daunting, but don’t worry. All it consists of are a few easy questions to help us help you get the cover. With the right policy, you can have peace of mind your travel insurance covers your osteoporosis or osteopenia, so you can fully relax on your sunshine break away.

When you tell us about your condition, typical questions may include:

  • What, if any, medication do you take for osteoporosis/osteopenia?
  • How many broken bones and/or fractures have you had in the last 5 years?
  • Are you currently under medical supervision for any fractures or broken bones?
  • Have you had any spinal and/or compression fractures AFTER you were diagnosed with this condition? 
  • Do you take pain relief daily for this condition?
  • Have you had surgery, injections (such as steroids) or other treatments for your back or neck in the last 12 months?

What does Osteoporosis travel insurance cover?

Travel insurance for those living with osteoporosis or osteopenia is specifically tailored to cover any medical expenses incurred whilst you’re away as a result of your condition, or even if your condition flares up before you go and you need to cancel your holiday.

These cover:

  • Treatment or surgery 
  • Emergency repatriation home
  • Any requisite medication (in case of worsening symptoms or if you lose your medication) 
  • Cancellation of your holiday if you’ve suffered an injury, such as a broken bone or fracture, or owing to your condition deteriorating before you go
  • Legal protection
  • Personal liability

While some travel insurer providers do not provide full adequate cover for pre-existing conditions such as osteoporosis or osteopenia, we have partnered with a number of specialist providers to ensure there are policies available for you - so you can have peace of mind at every step of your journey and fully relax when you travel overseas. 

Symptoms do not need to be declared, but you may need to tell us about these when you add your condition. If you are awaiting a diagnosis or treatment, we recommend speaking to your doctor or healthcare physician before travelling. We are unable to provide a quote or offer cover if you have a condition which is under investigation and has not yet been diagnosed.

Get a quote for osteoporosis travel insurance today and enjoy your holiday knowing your medical conditions - or those of your travelling party - are covered with Medical Travel Compared. 

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Optional Extras

Alongside the regular benefits of your travel insurance policy - such as cancellation, accident, medical and repatriation expenses, mobility aids, baggage loss and theft - you can also include optional extras that might come in handy for your trip. These aren’t essential, but we recommend exploring what’s available in terms of extra cover if you’re taking any expensive gadgets, going on a cruise or taking part in any winter sports.

Of course, you can add any optional extras that you need - such as:  

This may increase your premium, but it’s definitely something to consider when shopping around, especially if you have different types of holidays planned.

Sydney harbour

Tips and advice for travelling with Osteoporosis

Travelling with osteoporosis or osteopenia? There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to enjoy a relaxing holiday abroad; just be mindful of a few things before you travel, while you’re travelling and when you’ve arrived. 

Before you travel:

  • Speak to your doctor before travelling, especially if you have any specific activities or excursions booked, or if you’re planning an active break; they will be able to advise of any necessary precautions
  • Plan your holiday destination carefully - choose destinations that are accessible and have good medical facilities
  • If your symptoms are particularly wearing, choose a hotel or resort with a lift or means of getting around if walking becomes tiring
  • If you take medication for your condition, be sure to pack plenty to allow for any loss or damage in transit
  • Pack appropriate attire for your destination - take comfortable footwear with a solid tread on the sole to limit stumbles, trips or chances of falling over

While you’re travelling:

  • Avoid unnecessary stress on your joints by stretching regularly and choosing luggage that is not overly heavy or difficult to manoeuvre
  • Try to keep any lifting to a minimum - ask someone in your travelling party or a member of staff to assist you
  • Make use of support items, such as flight socks, neck pillows and foot rests
  • Take advantage of any additional services at the airport or cruise ship with mobility aids or concierge services
  • If you’ve packed medication, split it between your cabin luggage and your hand luggage, just in case either are lost or stolen (and always pack more than you need, just in case)

When you’ve arrived: 

  • Avoid indulging in excess alcohol - although it’s fun to let loose on holiday, drinking too much significantly increases your chance of falling over and causing avoidable injury (and can also affect travel insurance claims)
  • Familiarise yourself with your new hotel or villa and check for any potential trip hazards such as loose rugs, uneven flooring and steps to and from balconies, etc.
  • Wear sunglasses in bright sunshine to avoid any glare from the sun and use a night light at night to avoid losing your balance or falling due to visual impairment
  • Maintain a healthy diet - of course, you want to enjoy the local delicacies, just make sure you regularly eat foods rich in calcium for good bone health and healthy oils for supple joints

If you have a broken bone and are wondering if you can still fly, it’s always recommended you speak to your doctors before taking out insurance. In the meantime, here are some great tips on flying with a broken bone

Get quotes from specialist osteoporosis insurance providers

Comparing cover with us couldn’t be simpler. When you get a quote, you’ll be taken through our seamless and speedy two-step form which makes declaring any health conditions easy and hassle-free, just how you like it. 

The first step asks for basic information such as your name, age and email address, plus any details surrounding your trip, including:

  • Your holiday destination
  • The dates you intend to travel there and back
  • Who needs cover (a single person, couple, family or group)
  • Optional extras (gadget, cruise and winter sports cover)

The second step asks a few questions regarding your health and any conditions you are currently receiving medication or treatment for. This simple screening helps us find the right policy and providers for you.

Plus, we only partner with the best travel insurance providers to ensure that you not only get the right cover but that you have complete peace of mind before taking your trip.

It couldn’t be easier. Get a quote today and find the right travel insurance for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, we’re here to help you find travel insurance that covers your osteoporosis or osteopenia. We compare policies from over 30 specialist providers to find the correct cover for you, tailored to your individual requirements. Get a quote today and find out just how simple it can be.

Osteoporosis is a medical condition that is unfortunately not automatically covered on standard travel insurance policies. We'll ask you a few short health questions to determine whether you need to tell us about your condition and our hassle-free medical screening will ensure your quote accurately reflects the severity of your condition.  Get a quote today.

While we all want to keep the costs of our holiday down where possible, the cost of your insurance policy will depend on the severity of your condition. This will be determined through some easy to complete online health questions and it’s important that your cover accurately reflects your requirements. However, it is possible to find cheap cover, and at Medical Travel Compared. Why not get a quote today and see how much you can save?

* Price is based on 1 traveller aged 61, who has declared Osteoporosis and is travelling to France for 7 nights. The price is correct as of April 2024. Prices may vary according to your individual requirements.

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