Yes. The medical section of your policy will cover you for any unforeseen injury, illness or disease that arises during your trip and it isn’t only limited to pre-existing conditions.

On some policies there may be a caveat relating to covering medical expenses that aren’t already covered by a reciprocal health agreement, for example the European Union (EHIC) and Australia (RHCA). It’s always wise to familiarise yourself with the requirements of a countries’ reciprocal health agreement prior to travel.

A travel insurance policy does not guarantee that you will receive private medical care. Any medical costs whilst on holiday should be agreed with the insurance provider’s emergency helpline.

The particular circumstances will dictate whether private medical treatment will be provided. The Emergency Helpline will confirm what type of treatment they will pay for.

You must call the 24-hour medical emergency number in your policy documentation if you require medical assistance or are admitted to a hospital.

You can find the full details of the claims process in your policy wording.

You will need to contact your insurance provider directly to discuss a claim.