Most insurance policies will include an excess. This is the amount you have to pay if you decide to make a claim on your policy.

The excess can vary by cover section (e.g. medical expenses, baggage, cancellation) and by insurance provider.

You will be able to review any applicable excesses on the quote results page or by checking the policy wording. You can also filter some elements of the quote when you are on the results page.

If you have selected a £0 Excess, your insurance provider may add an excess wavier charge to you policy - but don't worry, this will be reflected in your Total Policy price.

Legal cover is included in most travel insurance policies. The level of cover will vary on different policies, what is covered will also varies. The policy wording will confirm what is covered.

Most of the policies offered by our insurance providers include cancellation and baggage cover as standard. It isn’t possible to remove the cover. There are a few policies offered that do not include cover for these.

Please check the summary of cover on the Quote Results page and that will confirm if any of these policies are available to you


Travel insurance can include certain exclusions which you'll always find in your policy wording.

We've also put together an exclusions guide which may be of help.

Activities covered vary by insurance provider and policy, they are normally listed in the policy wording.



If you are thinking about hitting the slopes, it's important to make sure you have the right cover in place.

A standard travel insurance policy will generally not cover you if you have an accident whilst skiing/snowboarding and you would have to pay any medical costs yourself.

You can easily select winter sports cover when comparing quotes.

This will also generally include some additional sections of cover including cover for your ski equipment, ski lessons and lift pass.

This will vary by insurance provider and also by the engine size of the motorcycle. Please check the activities covered in the policy wording. If motorcycling is included there may well be additional criteria that you have to meet, for example holding a full motorcycle licence or only if you are riding your own motorcycle. It’s always a good idea to call the insurance provider to be sure what is covered in relation to your planned trip.


Track days, racing other timed events are not covered by travel insurance.