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All of the prices on our site are live and we will always show you the best possible deals available to you.

Policy prices are set directly by the insurance providers and we are unable to discount or price match and premiums.

If you find that prices are too high there are a few things you could consider, which may save you some money;

  • Use the filters on the quote results screen to change some of your coverage - as an example, a higher excess or lower cancellation cover may provide you with a reduction in the price
  • Do you have any additional extras on your policy, such as Winter Sports or Cruise Cover? Removing these may reduce the price
  • If you are going on two or more trips a year, you may want to consider Annual Trip insurance - you could save money in the long run!


When you have selected the policy that is right for you, we will transfer you directly to the insurance provider where you can pay for your policy securely online.

Accepted forms of payment are:✅ Debit Card✅ Credit Card

Most providers do not offer an option to pay for premiums on a monthly basis.

Your insurance provider will usually contact you in the month before your renewal date to offer you a quote for the year with themselves.

However, you may of course return to Medical Travel Compared to compare quotes from our panel of over 40 insurance companies - to make sure you get the best deal possible.

We'll contact you before your renewal date and invite you to get a quote.

The cost of travel insurance is mainly worked out by looking at three areas:

➡️ Your Age➡️ Your Destination➡️ Your Trip Length

If you are declaring any pre-existing medical conditions the following may also impact the cost:

✅ Your current health✅ The healthcare cost in the country you're visiting

The cost of insurance may also be higher for:

➡️ Travellers 59+➡️ Longer trips➡️ Trips to Canada, US, Caribbean

It's a good idea to get a quote before booking your trip!

Click here to see more information on how specific countries can affect your premium.


The amount shown under the policy price will be the total amount you will pay for all travellers you have listed on your quote.

You can check the travellers you have listed by clicking on "View My Details" on the quote results page.

All premiums quoted will already include IPT.

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