If you need to make any changes to a policy you have already purchased, please contact your insurance provider directly.

If you find an error on your policy, contact your insurance provider right away. Your information must be accurate to ensure you're fully covered.

Contact details for your insurance provider will be within your policy documents.

Adding more travellers

We know that plans can change, and there may be times where you need to add extra travellers onto your policy - whether this be a friend who would like to join you last minute, to a new family member!

If your plans do change, you can easily amend your quote, or if you have purchased a policy, contact your insurance provider who can discuss the changes to your policy!


Adding a new medical condition

If your health changes, it's really important that you tell your travel insurance provider. Not doing so may affect your policy and could result in claims being rejected.

Contact your insurance provider to speak to them about any new medical conditions, or if you are under investigation for a condition. They will let you know if they'll be able to cover you and if there is any change to your policy premium.

You can find your providers contact details in your policy documentation. Make sure you have your policy number to hand, alongside your updated health details that you need to discuss with them.

If you have not yet taken out a policy, you can access your quotes to change your details. Look out for the e-mail we sent to you when you originally got a quote with us.

Changing a group policy

If you need to change any of the travellers on a group policy (such as, if somebody is no longer able to travel, or someone replaces them) please contact your insurance provider to update your policy.

You will need to contact your insurance provider directly if you wish to cancel your policy.

Your policy will usually have a 14-day cooling-off period. If you change your mind about a policy, you will get a full refund during that period.

This only applies if you haven't travelled and are not intending to make a claim. After that period there is no refund if you decide to cancel.

Contact details for your insurance provider will be in your policy documentation.

We know that sometimes plans can change. But, don't worry if they do as it's really easy to change your quote!

Whenever you get a quote from Medical Travel Compared, we will send you an email with details of your top three quotes and a link for you to access your quotes.

Follow this link, enter your personal details and you'll see all of your quote results. 

From here, you can head to 'Your Trip' to change your type of policy, the dates you are travelling, where you are travelling and who you are travelling with. Or head to 'Medical' to change any of the medical history or medical condition information you have provided.

Then just proceed to your quote results to choose the policy you need.

As we're a live comparison site, we're unable to guarantee any prices, so please be aware that they may change.


If you want your policy documents posted to you, please contact your travel insurance provider who will be able to arrange this for you.

Policy documents will be sent to you by e-mail directly to you by the insurance provider with whom you've purchased the policy.

Sometimes these e-mail can end up in your trash/junk folder - so it might be worth checking here if you have not received them.

If you are unsure who your insurance provider is then please contact us


As soon as you have proceeded to your insurance providers payment page we will automatically e-mail details of your quote to you.

This e-mail will include;

  • Details of the information you have provided, including any medical conditions you have told us about
  • Key information about the quote you have selected
  • Our terms and conditions

You can also choose to have this quote information sent to you by post if you wish.

It's important to remember that these are not a confirmation that you have purchased your policy. Once you have purchased a policy your policy documentation will be sent to you by your insurance provider.

You can choose which name you include on your travel insurance.

If your passport and travel insurance policy are in different names you might want to take a couple of extra steps. Take a copy of your marriage certificate (or another legal document explaining the name change) on holiday with you.

You might also like to call your insurance provider, so they can make a record of this on their system.

There may be times where your address won't be on our database - mainly if it's a new property.

If this happens then you can select an address matching yours - but please do not select Send Quote By Post

When you go to the insurance providers payment page you can at this point call them to amend the address on your quote.

Once you've completed a quote we'll e-mail you with your quoted polices and prices straight away. 

The e-mail will have a link so that you can access your quotes, you'll just need to enter in your e-mail address and date of birth.

The quote prices might differ as comparisons are live and subject to change. We don't have control over the insurance providers premiums and they will automatically refresh when you return to our site.

Yes, you will need to enter an Email address in order to generate a quote and to have your quote results emailed to. In addition an email address is needed as you will be sent your policy documents this way too!

If you are completing a quote on someone’s behalf and they do not have an email address – you can use your email address. 

When you have selected a policy you will then be shown upgrade options. Upgrades will usually have higher cover amounts such as baggage and cancellation cover, alongside other additional policy cover.

You can also choose to upgrade your Single Trip quote to Annual Trip. You'll be covered for more destinations, and you'll be able to see these under the 'countries covered' section of your quote.