Tommy Lloyd
Author: Tommy Lloyd, Managing Director

Tommy has over 15 years experience within the insurance industry, and his primary focus is helping travellers find the right cover for their medical conditions.

Originally posted: 15th Feb 2019

New research released today by specialist travel insurance comparison website, Medical Travel Compared, has revealed the struggle that people with pre-existing medical conditions go through when trying to holiday overseas.

According to the survey of 1,000 Brits with a pre-existing medical condition, almost a third (32%) claimed to have found it difficult to obtain travel insurance, significantly impacting their holiday habits. A similar number (34%) said they found the price too expensive after declaring their conditions.

Despite one in five (21%) stating they decided not to travel at all because they found obtaining cover too difficult, nearly one-quarter (24%) admitted that they had holidayed outside the UK without travel insurance. Not only are these consumers potentially putting their peace of mind on holiday under strain, they are taking a huge financial gamble by travelling without protection.

Commenting on the findings, Tommy Lloyd, Managing Director of Medical Travel Compared, said: “Although it can seem tempting to skip the cost of travel insurance, or even to not disclose vital information in the hope of saving a few pounds, this could result in a hefty bill in medical expenses should something happen before or during a holiday.”

“One in three of the UK population have a pre-existing medical condition, meaning a significant number of travellers need be aware of the importance of choosing a travel insurance policy that fully protects them. At Medical Travel Compared, we aim to help travellers compare the cover offered by different providers, so they have a clear understanding on what they are buying and can choose the most comprehensive policy at the best price, avoiding any travel nightmares.”

Concerningly, 23% of British travellers with pre-existing medical conditions felt that they had been mis-sold or misled when purchasing travel insurance, demonstrating the potential difficulty faced by those who need to declare medical conditions. The UK’s most common medical conditions include high blood pressure, Type 2 Diabetes and Asthma – all of which need to be declared on travel insurance.

Medical Travel Compared work with over 40 specialist providers to help travellers compare the best deals from providers offering comprehensive cover for those with pre-existing medical conditions.

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