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Do you consider yourself a seasoned traveller? Starting your wanderlust journey and keen to be the most efficient traveller you can be? In this article, we share the best travel hacks you may not know. Read on to discover ten unique travel tips.

The Best Travel Hacks

  • Download some media before the trip
  • Consider a travel credit card
  • Always carry an extension lead
  • Search in the local language
  • Mark your bags as “fragile” when flying
  • Make digital back-ups of your important documents
  • Start your day early for the best photos
  • Bring some zip-lock bags
  • Take a walking tour when you arrive
  • Invest in travel insurance

Download Some Media Before Your Trip

From your favourite comfort movie to some audiobooks, it can be worthwhile downloading some media to your phone, laptop or tablet before you leave. Whether you’re looking to plug in and unwind on a long plane journey or are feeling homesick before bed and need something to ease your mind, having instant access to some of your favourites can be a great comfort. When you pre-download your content, you don’t need to wait until you’ve got Wi-Fi or an internet connection, and you’ll be able to jump straight into any situation.

Consider a Travel Credit Card

Although it can be easy to bring your standard cards on holiday with you, many people instead opt for a travel credit card. Allowing them to leave their credit card at home and safely tucked away, a travel-dedicated card can be a useful tool. Many travel credit cards also have great incentives, including lower transaction fees and access to airport lounges and perks.  


Always Carry an Extension Lead

Many travellers are aware of this trick, but always be sure to pack an extension lead! Not only does this minimise the need for adapters, but you’ll be able to plug multiple things in at once in an area of the room that’s useful to you. No longer fall victim to having no plugs next to the bed, and instead, use the lead to make it so you can plug in somewhere convenient for you.

Search in the Local Language

Whether you’re looking to book transport or want a restaurant recommendation, it’s worth searching Google and social media apps in the local language to find recommendations. Especially with attractions and restaurants, although somewhere might pop up first with an English search, it may be because they’re looking to target tourists and not where the locals would recommend. Just use Google Translate to translate your search to the local language. This way, you'll feel more informed and connected to the local culture.

A Man Marking His Suitcases With Fragile Labels

Mark Your Bags as “Fragile” when Flying

Whether the contents of your bag are fragile or not, if you’re checking a bag, marking it as fragile can be a good trick. Not only will this mean it should be treated with more care, but it means it’ll tend to be stacked last on the plane, making it first out and on the baggage claim when you land.

This hack was reported on by The Sun, “Picking up a free "fragile" sticker from airport staff and slapping it on your bag can allegedly speed up your wait time. Often, the fragile tagged luggage goes into the plane last, and as a result, it comes onto the belt first.”

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Make Digital Back-Ups of Your Important Documents

It’s a no-brainer that losing your important documents can bring a great holiday crashing down, and many people already photocopy items such as their passports. But you should also make digital backups and email them to yourself. This way, you’ll always be able to hop online and find a copy should the worst happen.

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Start Your Day Early for the Best Photos

You may be tempted to make the most of your comfortable hotel bed or bed tired from a busy day of exploring, but if you’re looking to take photos on your trip, an early start is best. Beating the crowds and starting the day early will mean you can enjoy quieter streets and attractions and can make for some brilliant photographs.

Discussing the benefits of waking up early, Travel Explored says, “Another time that I have found it well worth being awake early is to visit certain attractions. Some attractions tend to get many visitors from other areas. So while they might open early enough, they are not busy until a little later.”

Bring Some Zip-Lock Bags

From a leaking shampoo bottle to a wet swimming costume after a final dip hours before boarding a plane, there are plenty of things you might pack in your case that need protection, and a zip-lock bag is the perfect tool for this. From snacks to keeping your passport dry on a particularly wet day travelling, you can also use a zip-lock bag in your backpack on day trips.

A Woman Leading A City Walking Tour With A Group Of Tourists

Take a Walking Tour When You Arrive

Walking tours can be modest in price or even free, but they are the perfect way to start your time in a new city or location. They can help you really get your bearings in a place; perfect for understanding your way around throughout the trip. You’ll also learn a lot about the destination – there are many tailored walking tours, from history to street art, so you can find a topic that interests you. Walking is also a brilliant way to find new locations, and if you start your trip this way, from a small museum to an eatery with a buzzing local crowd, you’re sure to find somewhere you’ll want to add to your to-do list.

Grace Bee hails from the UK but lives in Australia, and she swears by free walking tours as the ultimate travel tool. She explains: “If you have just landed in a brand new city, a free walking tour is a fantastic way to see the guts of the city and help you decide what to revisit later for a better look. Whenever I take a walking tour, I always see things I didn't know about before, and they help me plan what else I want to do on my trips.”

She continued: “Landing in a brand new city for the first time can sometimes be a little daunting, especially if you're not a naturally gifted navigator. Walking tours always help me to get my bearings in a new place, and I usually feel a lot more confident finding my way around once the tour is over.”

Invest in Travel Insurance

Of course, our number one tip is to invest in travel insurance. Any seasoned traveller you talk to will know that purchasing travel insurance is a necessity for a trip of any length to any destination.

And, with holiday insurance for pre-existing medical conditions, you can make sure you have the adequate level of cover to ensure that should an illness you already have worsen, you’ll be compensated. Whether you’re taking a long trip or a short getaway, travel insurance is essential.

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If you’re looking for more travel hacks, be sure to check out our blog; alternatively, our travel insurance guides are perfect for those who want more money on insurance.

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