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Originally posted: 31st Oct 2022

Since international travel was put to a stop during the coronavirus pandemic, people are now taking advantage of the ability to get abroad and explore the world once again, but that doesn’t mean we should forget some of the stunning locations that can be visited in the UK. In this guide, we take a look at some of the reasons you still need travel insurance even when you’re not leaving the country and enjoying a staycation in the UK. Keep reading for some top tips and some more information about the insurance you should be looking for.

Reasons you still need travel insurance when in the UK:

  • Circumstances can always change
  • You’re still at risk of cancellation in the UK
  • Medical emergencies can happen anywhere
  • Lost luggage is still commonplace

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Circumstances can always change

The simple answer to the question ‘Do I need travel insurance for a holiday in the UK?’ is yes. Life can take twists and turns when you least expect it, and travelling is no exception. We often book trips and travels in advance to either save money or to get the best deal and this often means that there is a chance that your circumstances may change prior to your visit. There are several factors that could mean you can no longer go on your trip, some of these include:

  • Change in financial circumstances
  • Change in health or medical conditions
  • Can no longer travel to the destination
  • You can no longer travel with the people you booked with

You may no longer be able to travel to your destination, your medical condition may have gotten worse, or your mobility needs have changed, or your financial circumstances may have changed. With travel insurance, you will be covered if your circumstances change, and you need to cancel your accommodation or any travel you may have booked.

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You’re still at risk of cancellation in the UK

Travelling in the UK is much like travelling abroad in the fact that cancellations can happen at any time. Similarly, to your circumstances changing, the circumstances of hotels, B&Bs and any travel you have booked can get cancelled at any time.

If you have booked a hotel or an Air B&B or maybe you are going on a cruise holiday, companies may have reasoning to cancel your stay at any point for any number of reasons. With travel insurance, you will be entitled to your money back should your stay be cancelled through no fault of your own.

Medical emergencies can happen anywhere

Medical emergencies can happen at any time whether you are in the UK or abroad so making sure you are covered for any unforeseen circumstances is essential. Your medical condition may have been under control at the time of booking but may have got worse before the time of travel and therefore you may be at higher risk of needing medical attention.

Cheap holiday insurance with medical conditions will cover you for any medical emergencies that require you to see an expert or if you need prescriptions in an emergency. Although most aspects of a medical emergency might be covered on the NHS, things like hospital transfers may cost depending on your location at the time.


Lost luggage is still commonplace

If you are travelling on public transport to get to your chosen destination, then you are equally at risk of lost luggage as you would be if you were travelling on a plane abroad. Luggage is easily misplaced, stolen or placed onto the wrong train or bus by baggage handlers, so being prepared for this is a good idea.

Gadget insurance will also cover you for other possessions like tablets, cameras and phones that may be lost or stolen whilst you’re away.

You can read more in our blog post on what to do if you lose your luggage whilst on holiday by clicking on the button below.

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What type of insurance do I need for a UK holiday?

This all depends on your needs and the type of holiday you are planning on going on. Firstly, you need to think about whether you want to buy a single trip policy or an annual policy that can cover you for multiple trips that you may take in a 12-month period.

Single-trip travel insurance will protect you for the period of days over your holiday, which means should anything happen between the dates specified, that you are covered. Single-trip insurance can cover a range of circumstances such as cancellation, personal accident, lost or stolen personal property and much more.

If you travel more frequently or have booked your trip way in advance, then an annual travel insurance policy may be more suited. Covering the same things as a single trip policy, but for a whole twelve months from the date, the policy was taken out, offering you peace of mind for any eventuality.

We have hopefully answered your questions as to whether you need travel insurance when going on holiday in the UK and has offered a little advice on the subject. Our travel insurance guide section is filled with useful articles, make sure you take a look.

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Single Trip insurance is for one-off, individual trips and will cover your specified travel dates. This is usually up to 45 days; however, some insurance providers can cover up to 94 days. If you’re not a frequent traveller, single trip cover is a great option and will likely be cheaper than an annual multi-trip cover.

If you are going on 2 or more trips a year, then an Annual Trip policy may save you money!

Suppose you’ve had hepatitis or are currently suffering from hepatitis and want to travel. In that case, you should always speak to your doctor or a healthcare professional before booking anything. Looking into specialised medical travel insurance means you can travel with peace of mind that you're covered should anything happen regarding your condition whilst you’re away.


Depending on whether you select European or Worldwide cover, your insurance provider will cover most countries within that area. However, there may be some countries that your insurance provider will be unable to cover you cover for, including any countries which the Foreign & Commonwealth Office have advised it is unsafe to travel to. Always check your policy wording if you are unsure if your country will be covered.

A pre-existing is any medical condition for which medical advice, diagnosis, care, or treatment was recommended or received before applying for a travel insurance policy. For some conditions, we'll need to know if they have ever been present, whilst for others if they occurred within a certain period.

Provided you have the right cover, you can claim against any expenses, including medical bills, you incur following a medical emergency in a country whilst on holiday.

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