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If you’re used to relying on a mobility scooter to get around, the idea of travelling abroad and leaving it behind can seem somewhat daunting.

However, the concept of taking it with you, particularly if you’re intending to fly to your destination, can throw up its own set of challenges. You might be concerned about bringing along spare parts in case it breaks down as well as ensuring it makes it from A to B safely and in one piece. Some travellers might also be in a position where they don’t need to use one every day but simply want one to hand in case they decide on some spontaneous exploring or have a period of prolonged sightseeing planned.

Instead of putting yourself through the stress of bringing your own mobility scooter on holiday, why not consider hiring one once you reach your destination? It’s much easier than you might think and can be the ideal solution to any mobility dilemmas for over 50s travellers.

Where to hire a mobility scooter

A great number of shopping centres, attractions and holiday resorts both in the UK and on the continent now offer travellers the opportunity to hire mobility scooters. Call ahead to find out if your destination offers this service, or shop around online for a hire service. There are numerous organisations that can deliver the mobility equipment you require to anywhere in the UK and select locations abroad – Disabled Access Holidays list quite a few of them on their site. Additionally, if you are booking your trip through a travel agent, they may well be able to arrange the hire for you.

Selecting the right mobility scooter for your needs

In order to enjoy your holiday, you will need a scooter that’s the perfect fit for you and your needs. When choosing which one you might need, you must first take into account your weight and build in order to ensure you have the most comfortable experience. It is also worth considering exactly what you might need it for during your holiday – if you are planning on hours of sightseeing, you definitely want a model built for longer stints of travelling. Ask the advice of your chosen hire company as they should have some knowledge of the destination and be able to assist your choice.

Additionally, you might want to hire a ramp along with your mobility scooter. These can be folded and carried along with you – a great help in a destination where there is no guarantee of dropped curbs to ease your travel. Making sure you pack the right sort of adaptor to fit the re-charger is a top priority, too.

Most mobility scooters fall into one of three main categories. Firstly there is the lightweight mobility scooter. These are often portable and can be popped in a car boot should you wish to do some exploring out of town. Lightweight scooters are ideal if you plan on making shorter journeys such as getting around a holiday resort – they tend to run smoothly for up to 10 miles on a full battery.

The next main category is the popular mid-sized mobility scooter. These are sturdy, four-wheeled contraptions and can run for around 20 miles on a fully charged battery. Mid-sized mobility scooters are often designed to be taken apart without the use of tools so that they can fit into a car – though not with as much ease as the lightweight models.

Finally, we have the large mobility scooters. Not only can these powerful machines carry up to 30 stone in weight, they can run for around 25 miles on a full battery and tend to come with plenty of useful additional features such as indicators.

Check you’re covered

Ensure you are clear as to who is responsible for the mobility scooter should it break down and what the procedure is for getting it fixed quickly. Additionally, make sure you understand what sort of cover their insurance provides you with.

As well as checking your scooter is covered in case of emergency, don’t forget to book your own personal travel insurance to make sure you’re covered, too. Let your chosen insurer know that you will be hiring a mobility scooter on holiday so that they can make sure you are covered if you have an accident while using it.

When it comes to finding the right travel insurance for your circumstances, there are an almost dizzying amount of plans and insurers to choose from. Let Medical Travel Compared help you make that choice by narrowing down the selection according to your needs, so that you can get back to more fun tasks, like planning your holiday.

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