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Have you ever wondered why?

Read on and let us explain more.

Well, medical research is conflicted as to the benefit, but the common consensus is that flight socks aide in reducing Deep Vein Thrombosis(DVT). Professor Gladwell, of King’s College – London, suggests that the people most at risk where those with a pre-disposition to blood clots, those of us with established medical issues such as heart disease, stroke, obesity and pregnancy, to name but a few. But even if you’re not a sufferer, why take a risk?

Pause that movie, you know, the one you missed at the cinema (it’s likely a long flight), move around, stroll the tight aisles of your flight provider, maybe do the occasional bend of the legs and massage of the thighs. It might look a little odd to your neighbor in the adjacent seat, but what’s a little wiggling between flight friends? Maybe they’ll even join-in?

Stay hydrated

Yes, the wine is free, but we’re talking about staying hydrated. It doesn’t have to be a lot, but you tend to dry-out on flights – it’s all that recycled air. You could even use a little moisturizer – most airlines provide a mini-sachet in their welcome-on-board pack.

Buy Flight Socks

For many years now, passengers the world over have been availing themselves of a snazzy pair of flight, travel, compression, whatever-you-want-to-call-them socks. Now, when we say ‘snazzy’, what we really mean is beige or on occasion, grey. Of course, there are other options. In an effort to make your journey more zesty, why not look for a more fashionable variant on the norm?

There are all manner of different colours and styles to be had. Don’t leave it until the last moment, trawling the shelves of the duty-free shops; you could spend that money on tasty foreign chocolate or a gadget for your grandson’s computer that you never saw before but he probably knows what it does. There are plenty of high-street retailers out there that sell socks. In an effort to save money, you might want to venture into Poundland or Primark?

Other things you can do

To lessen the risk of DVT and general discomfort include; wear loose fitting clothing. While you’re hanging around in the departure lounge, why not high-tail it to the bathroom and change into those tracksuit trousers and that silly t-shirt with that popular cartoon character on it?

Put your luggage in the overhead compartment.

Yes, we know that’s where it goes for take-off, but it’s tempting to rummage around and have all your personal belongings on your lap mid-flight, don’t. Stretch out, as best you can, relax and enjoy your airline meal in that funny tray.

Hidden Benefits

This last segment is more for the benefit of the men, although, you ladies know who you are. Snoring. Studies have shown that wearing flight socks to bed allows for less fluid to work its way up the body to the neck and result in snoring-related conditions. So, if you’re one of those estimated 3 million people that suffer from snoring, or rather if you’re one of those 3 million spouses that suffer from snoring-partners, please, buy a pair of flight socks. It’s good for you, it’s good for them and it’s good for all the other passengers on your flight.

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