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Combine that holiday with some extra health & fitness

Whilst age may be something we can’t control, it’s certainly no reason to allow our health and fitness to fall into decline. Regardless of age, paying attention to the food we put in our bodies and making sure we prioritise exercise can work wonders for our energy levels as well as keeping us strong, supple and capable of living life to the full.

The problem with staying fit and healthy is that, unless you’re one of those lucky people who can’t get enough of the gym, motivation can fail us at times. Common health red zones tend to include the festive season – well, someone’s got to eat all those mince pies – and heading off on our holidays. 

But why not kill two birds with one stone by booking a health and fitness holiday? Not only will you be able to enjoy a healthy break but you’ll give your lagging motivation a boost by exploring a new activity or indulging with like-minded souls in a favourite pastime. 

Whether you are looking for a singles holiday or a trip with a friend or partner, there are plenty of interesting health and fitness packages for the over 50's on the market. Which one might you try?

A road cycling holiday

If you prefer a form of exercise that doesn’t have you watching the clock wishing your life away then perhaps a cycling holiday is the one for you. True, clocking up those miles in the saddle might work muscles you forgot you had, but choose a destination with the right scenery and you’ll be too distracted to pay that much attention. Choose a location such as the stunning, chocolate box region of The Cotswolds and you won’t even have to pay for the price of a plane ticket. You can plan your route, too, and avoid those nasty hills if you want an easier ride.


A zen yoga retreat

For a health and fitness break that focuses on rest and relaxation, book into a yoga retreat where you can learn the art of meditation as well as moves that have been perfected over the centuries and have become a firm favourite of some of the fittest A List celebs in the business. One of the most famous yoga retreats in the world is the peaceful Ananda resort in the Himalayas. Group yoga classes, meditation and frequent breaks in the luxurious spa can all be enjoyed under the serene watch of the surrounding mountains.

An adventure holiday

The over 50s adventure holiday market is booming, so you’ll be in good company if you fancy embracing your inner explorer and trying your hand at something a little bit different. Why not head to the US where adventure holidays designed to build your health and fitness make the perfect match with spellbinding natural landscapes? Go horse-back riding with cowboys in Nevada or take a guided hike through the stunning national parks of California like Joshua Tree and Yosemite.

You’ll work on your fitness whilst making memories you’ll treasure forever.

Cabin by the water

A detox break

Sometimes when we’ve been indulging in the good life a little too much, all we want to do is hit the reset button and give ourselves a detox. However, as much as we can read about and stock up on all the detox teas and ingredients for tasty smoothies, the pitfalls of everyday life can just keep tripping us up. When one friend brings over a delicious bottle of wine another offers you a biscuit with your afternoon cuppa, it’s all too easy to keep the good times going whilst your health pays the price.

Instead, treat your body like a temple and book a detox break, one of the newer trends in the health and well-being travel sector. Choose a blissful paradise location such as Thailand where you can mingle with other singles, take time out from the stress of modern life and learn to cook delicious, nutritious meals that focus on replenishing your body, mind and soul. Detox breaks often come hand-in-hand with spa treatments and fitness classes to help you rid yourself of all the nasties in your system and get your health back on top.

Taking care of your health should always be priority number one in life, and to that end, purchasing the right travel insurance for your trip is vital. If you were to fall sick or have an accident whilst abroad, the right policy will ensure you can get the treatment you need without the fear of a hefty financial loss playing on your mind. Medical Travel Compared can help you find the best deal for your personal situation – try our easy-to-use online comparison tool today.

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