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Originally posted: 29th Jun 2023

When it comes to purchasing a car, the logical step is to secure insurance right after signing the dotted line. The same principle applies to travel insurance. Think of it this way: when does your hard-earned money become at risk? As soon as you make a financial commitment towards your trip - whether it's booking a flight, putting a deposit down on a holiday, or paying for accommodation - it's time to prioritise getting travel insurance in place.

Martin Lewis, from Money Saving Expert, always advises that you get your travel insurance ASAB, meaning "As Soon As you Book".

Consider travel insurance as your safety net, your backup plan if things don't go according to the script. It provides you with a security blanket, offering peace of mind in case unforeseen circumstances arise during your journey. So, be proactive and safeguard your travel investment by ensuring you have the right coverage in place. After all, it's better to be prepared than sorry!

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When to buy single trip insurance

Single trip insurance provides coverage for a single journey, starting from your departure and ending upon your return to the UK. It also offers the flexibility to include multiple destinations within the same trip. When purchasing single trip travel insurance, it is crucial to ensure that the policy includes cancellation cover. This will provide you with protection from the moment you make the payment.

The beauty of having cancellation cover is that if you encounter unforeseen circumstances that force you to cancel your trip after purchasing the insurance but before your holiday departure date, you can rely on your policy to reimburse your holiday costs (after deducting any applicable excess). This additional layer of protection gives you peace of mind and financial security, knowing that you won't be left out of pocket due to unexpected cancellations.

So make sure you purchase your policy as soon as you book your holiday.

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When to buy annual multi trip insurance

Annual multi-trip travel insurance provides coverage for multiple trips throughout a 12-month period. Unlike single trip insurance, where cancellation cover becomes active immediately after policy payment, cancellation cover for annual multi-trip insurance begins from the policy start date.

For example, if you purchase your policy today but it doesn't start until 4 weeks from now, you won't have cancellation protection during those 4 weeks. This situation shouldn't be problematic as long as you haven't already made bookings or incurred expenses for a holiday. However, it is advisable to align the start date of your annual policy with the day of payment, just to be on the safe side.

By synchronising the policy start date with the payment date, you ensure continuous coverage and peace of mind throughout the entire duration of your policy. This added level of detail ensures that you are fully protected right from the moment you pay for your annual multi-trip travel insurance.

When to buy cruise cover

With a cruise, it is highly recommended to secure cruise travel insurance as soon as you have booked your trip. This ensures that you are protected in the event of any unforeseen circumstances that may force you to cancel.

If you are booking your cruise well in advance, such as a year to 18 months ahead, it is important to note that the cost of travel insurance may be slightly higher. This is because there is a longer period of time between the booking date and the actual departure date, increasing the potential risks of cancellation.

In addition to the standard benefits provided by regular travel insurance, opting for 'Cruise Cover' in your policy offers additional coverage tailored specifically for cruise holidays, such as:

  • Airlifting from the cruise ship to the mainland should you need to be hospitalised 
  • Missed port departure
  • Cabin confinement
  • Cruise interruption
  • Change of itinerary
  • Cover of unused excursions
  • Cruise cancellation

You can find out more information on why you should consider specialist cruise travel insurance by reading our guide.

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When to buy cover for a UK holiday

If you're planning a delightful staycation, whether it be a relaxing week away or a rejuvenating weekend, it's important to remember that the same rules of travel insurance apply. Once you have made the wise decision to invest in a hotel or accommodation, it becomes crucial to consider the potential loss you may incur if you were to cancel your plans. Should the amount be significant, it's high time to secure yourself with comprehensive travel insurance.

UK travel insurance offers a range of coverage options to put your mind at ease during your staycation. Not only does it safeguard you against the unfortunate event of cancelled accommodation or delayed transport, but it also provides protection against the loss, theft, or damage of your precious valuables. Whether it's a favourite piece of jewellery, a cherished gadget, or a valuable possession, you can rest assured that your belongings are under the protective umbrella of travel insurance.

To ensure you receive the best coverage tailored to your needs, you can conveniently compare quotes for specialist UK travel insurance.

And there you have it. If you take anything away, remember the very wise words of Martin Lewis - get insurance ASAB (As Soon As you Book).

When making a financial commitment for your trip, prioritise getting travel insurance in place to protect your investment in case of unforeseen circumstances.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cancellation amounts will be per person. So, if you were going on a trip for 2 people which cost £1,000 in total you would ideally need cancellation cover for at least £500.
If you don't travel much then a single trip cover is perfect as you can cover specific dates suited to your trip. If you have cancellation cover, you'll also benefit from this as soon as you buy your policy. If you travel 2 or more times a year, it may be cheaper for you to go for an annual trip cover. It's best to start your annual trip cover as soon as possible, as if you have cancellation cover, you'll only benefit from this from your policy start date.

No. We can search for travel insurance quotes for all ages. However, the number of annual multi-trip quotes for older travellers may be limited due to age restrictions imposed by the providers that we search. If you are unable to get an annual trip quote, try a single trip quote instead.

You will need to add each country that you are visiting. If you are on a flight stopover this will include any countries where you leave the airport. If you are on a cruise it includes any countries where your ship will be docking at.

A pre-existing condition is a diagnosed medical condition that existed before taking out a policy. We'll ask a series of questions about the medical history for you and any travellers on your quote. If you answer yes to any of these, you will need to tell us about the traveller's conditions. This could be a condition that a traveller has now or has had in the past. If you are not sure what conditions you need to declare, we have online support available to help you 24/7!

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