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Considering a holiday to the Caribbean

If you’re considering a holiday to the Caribbean, you’re certainly in for a treat. There are more than a few reasons why the Caribbean swiftly made a name for itself amongst those seeking to reset their clocks to island time and enjoy a little of the good life on their annual holiday. As well as bathtub-warm waters, powder-soft sands and that laid-back Caribbean way of life, it’s the balmy climes and chance to soak up some much-needed vitamin D that has so deeply ingrained this beautiful region in the hearts of sun-seeking travellers the world over.

However, just making the decision to visit the Caribbean doesn’t spell the end to your holiday planning. There is a wide selection of islands to choose from, but more important is picking the best time of year to travel.

The three deciding factors

Those in the know say that there are three key factors which can determine when you’re likely to get the most out of your Caribbean holiday: the climate, the cost and the crowds. If it’s the weather that wins out as a top priority, you might want to consider travelling during the dry season when the humidity is low and the nights are pleasantly cool. This period generally runs from December through to April; however, as you can imagine, this is also peak season for prices with hotel and villa rates rocketing.

If you’re willing to compromise on climate, this isn’t to say you can expect your trip to be floored by a deluge day in, day out. Longer spells of heavy rain are fairly infrequent, you’re more likely to experience daily downpours that clear up pretty quickly. However, along with the wetter season comes hotter, stickier weather – so, it depends how well you can handle humidity.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that June to November have been dubbed the official hurricane season of the Caribbean, although September and October seem to produce the most destructive storms. Some islands are more prone to hurricanes than others – research the weather of your island of choice before booking that flight.

Finally, there are the crowds to take into consideration. The Caribbean is a popular destination for winter sun with the madding crowds descending around Christmas and New Year as well as during the holiday season in February and at Easter.

Taking all this into consideration, the savvy Caribbean traveller might choose to aim for May when the weather is still in good spirits, accommodation costs are dropping and (outside of half-term) the crowds are beginning to disperse.

Caribbean Signposts

Highlights of the Caribbean calendar

Europe. The weather in the Caribbean is nigh on perfect and the holiday celebrations put the islands into a party mood. Not only do you have New Year’s Eve getting the region into full swing, but Carnival season is kicking off, too.

However, February is one of the most popular months to visit the islands, particularly for those looking for a special, romantic getaway for Valentine’s Day. You’ll also find that Mardi Gras and Carnival celebrations reach their peak this month.

Avoid the Spring Break crowds by booking a trip later in April or May when the temperature is moderate, hurricanes are nowhere to be seen, and the islands lay on a selection of events and festivals, designed to fill those rooms before the low season sets in.

Finally, December is a magical time in the Caribbean and, if you travel before Christmas, you could potentially land a bargain on hotels and airfares as this is generally a slow time for travel. Most of the islands sport a substantial Christian population, so if you’re looking to celebrate Christmas with friends and family whilst enjoying a beach break, you’ll find yourself in luck.

Once you’ve booked your Caribbean holiday of choice, be sure to lock down the right travel insurance policy for your trip, too. Medical Travel Compared can help you locate the right insurer for your specific needs allowing you to concentrate on more exciting concerns, such as your holiday in paradise.

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