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What is angina?

Angina (angina pectoris) is severe chest pain or discomfort felt in the chest caused by a lack of blood and therefore lack of oxygen to the heart. This starvation of oxygen known as ischaemia is generally caused by spasms or obstructions of the coronary arteries.  Pain may also be felt or in some cases only be felt in the arm, neck, jaw or stomach. Feelings of breathlessness are common too along with light headiness and sweating.

These episodes are what some people refer to as "angina attacks" can be brought on by physical exertion, stress, emotional upset and even after eating a large meal.

Can angina be prevented?

Angina is a coronary heart disease and once diagnosed cannot be reversed.  However you can assist in preventing angina getting worse by adopting a healthy lifestyle. The British Heart Foundation recommends that you:  Stop smoking, eat a healthy and balanced diet, only; drink moderate amounts of alcohol, control your blood pressure, blood glucose and cholesterol levels, be physically active and retain a healthy weight.

We know that whilst travelling abroad this can be difficult but if you have managed to adopt a healthy lifestyle whilst at home it would make sense to continue this when on your holiday. It's far too easy to eat and drink too much and extra care should be taken especially when it's hot to minimise the risk of angina whilst travelling.

Treatment & travel with angina

If your angina condition is severe your GP will refer you to a cardiologist who may suggest the condition will require a surgical procedure such as angioplasty or heart bypass surgery.  Less severe cases of angina can be treatable with drugs and your GP will prescribe the best course of these for you.  A healthy lifestyle is a very important part of treatment to assist in the prevention of the condition of angina worsening.

If you have recently had a surgical procedure for angina get the advice of your GP before travelling, also be aware of the medical facilities available in those places you are travelling to. If on medication ensure that you have the necessary medication with you and enough for the duration of your trip, again seek the advice of your GP before travelling with angina. 

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Angina travel insurance

Most people who have angina can still have a good quality of life and continue with their normal activities and this will include travel and holidays. Not purchasing the right angina travel insurance or worse still not purchasing any angina travel insurance at all could leave you with costly medical bills causing anxiety and stress that could cause the condition of angina to worsen. 

Declaring medical conditions

It is important that you declare your medical conditions before you purchase travel insurance or you may find yourself without adequate cover if anything untoward was to happen such as an angina attack whilst abroad.

We allow you to declare all your angina medical conditions in one easy to use online form and will find a range of suitable travel insurance for heart conditions that you can choose from which to purchase.  

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