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Originally posted: 15th Jan 2019

What is travel insurance medical screening?

Medical screening is a series of simple, multiple choice questions that determine the severity of your condition when you buy travel insurance. Some of the questions might seem personal, but the answers you give will be completely confidential. It's important that you answer the questions as accurately as you can to ensure that your conditions are properly covered. While some travel insurers require you to complete medical screening by telephone, we at Medical Travel Compared, make medical screening even easier, and offer that little bit of extra privacy by enabling you to get quotes from a number of medical travel insurance providers after completing just one set of medical screening questions here online. Simply click the 'Get a Quote' button above.

What sort of health screening questions will I be asked?

Before starting the travel insurance medical screening process on we will present you with a medical declaration, telling you what type of medical conditions you need to declare. Depending on what pre existing medical conditions you have, or have had, you might be asked about the number of different medications you take, whether you’ve been admitted to hospital or when you were first diagnosed. You will not be asked to name your medication, and if you’re unsure why you take it, do find out from your doctor and make sure to declare the diagnosed medical condition when completing the health screening.

Can I declare some conditions and exclude others?

The answer to this question is no. You can buy standard insurance that excludes cover all together for your pre-existing medical conditions, but when it comes to specialist online travel insurance you can’t pick and choose. Please don’t be tempted to just declare the conditions you want cover for, as doing so may void your policy. It’s crucial that you abide by the medical declaration so insurers can base their decision to cover you and at what price on all the material facts.

How will my medical condition affect the cost of my travel insurance?

Many medical conditions can be covered for no extra charge, although it's still important to declare them. The severity of your condition will determine the level of any additional premium that is required.  The insurers will base this additional cost on the risk of you requiring medical treatment whilst you are away, or needing to cancel your holiday due to illness.  If your illness is severe or your condition is unstable, you will unfortunately have to pay more for travel insurance cover.

Travel insurance with medical screening made easy!

Medical Travel Compared’s free and independent service can help you compare prices to cover your condition quickly and easily by enabling you to see prices from a selection of insurers all in one place. Complete just one set of travel insurance medical screening questions and voila! It is no longer necessary to spend hours on the phone answering the same questions over and over again or visiting site after site – you can do it here on this website all in one go!

Wherever you choose to go on holiday it's vital that you have appropriate travel insurance to provide cover in the event that you require medical treatment whilst you are abroad, otherwise you could find yourself with some hefty bills. In some instances, the premium to cover your medical condition may seem high, but it could be a fraction of cost of any medical treatment abroad.

Frequently Asked Questions

A pre-existing condition is a diagnosed medical condition that existed before taking out a policy. We'll ask a series of questions about the medical history for you and any travellers on your quote. If you answer yes to any of these, you will need to tell us about the traveller's conditions. This could be a condition that a traveller has now, or has had in the past. If you are not sure what conditions you need to declare, we have online support available to help you 24/7!
Once you've declared all of your relevant pre-existing medical conditions we'll only show you quotes based on the conditions you have told us about.
No, after you've declared your medical condition using our online screening tool - you are done! There's no need to confirm your conditions in writing with your insurance provider. The only time you may have to provide written evidence is in the event of a claim.
No, unfortunately, we're unable to provide a quote if you are suffering from an undiagnosed medical condition. As soon as you have been diagnosed you can visit us and get a quote.
No. We can search for travel insurance quotes for all ages. However, the number of annual multi-trip quotes for older travellers may be limited due to age restrictions imposed by the providers that we search. If you are unable to get an annual trip quote, try a single trip quote instead.
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