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When applying for travel insurance you’ll be asked a short series of questions about the medical history for both you, and travellers you want covered on your policies. These will determine which medical conditions you need to declare on your policy.

Some conditions, such as circulatory or respiratory conditions you’ll need to declare if you’ve ever had them, whilst some we’ll only need to know about if you’ve been diagnosed or treated for a condition within the past 2 years.

However, in order for it to qualify as pre-existing – your condition must have been formally diagnosed by a medical professional.

Some medical conditions don't incur an extra charge on standard travel insurance premiums, but you will still need to declare the condition.

There are many medical conditions that people don't realise they have to declare, possibly because the condition is under control with medication, or because they are not undergoing treatment.

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Asthma travel insurance cover

Many people suffer from asthma, young and old. For some, it is such a part of their everyday life that they forget about it when they come to buy travel insurance.

Children often suffer from asthma. If you are a parent with an asthmatic child, don't forget that you will need to declare their illness on their behalf when you buy family travel insurance.

There are a number of specialist insurance companies that can provide asthma travel insurance cover.

Allergy travel insurance cover

It’s sometimes hard to predict when and where an allergic reaction may be triggered, especially if you’re in an unfamiliar environment abroad.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s a severe nut allergy or a mild case of hay fever – allergy travel insurance cover is available.

Travel insurance for back problems

Back injuries can be restrictive and debilitating, which is far from ideal if you lead an active lifestyle.

Even if your trip is only going to involve lounging around on a beach, you never know when back problems can flare up – which is why it’s definitely worth exploring specialist travel insurance for back problems.

Cancer travel insurance cover

If you’re receiving treatment for cancer, it’s essential to declare your condition and acquire a specialist cancer travel insurance policy.

Don’t just assume you won’t be able to find cover, or worry that your premium will be sky-high. There are a number of providers who offer comprehensive cover at competitive rates across all forms of the disease – including breast cancer travel insurance, prostate cancer travel insurance and – skin cancer travel insurance.

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COPD travel insurance cover

Many providers offer travel insurance for COPD.

First of all, it’s important to seek advice on your condition before actually committing to flying – but if you’re given the all clear to travel, it’s essential to get a specialist policy to keep you covered.

Crohn’s travel insurance cover

Again, there might be a misconception that it’s difficult for people diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease or IBD to gain access to suitable travel insurance cover.

With Medical Travel Compared, it’s easy to compare quotes for Crohn’s travel insurance. Obviously, we will need to find out a few personal details regarding the nature of your condition – but this enables us to find the most suitable cover for you.

Diabetic travel insurance cover

Like Crohn’s, diabetes is something that requires careful management on a day-to-day basis – whether that’s at home or when travelling.

A diabetic travel insurance policy will include all the usual benefits, but will likely be extended with a higher limit for medical expenses etc.

Disability travel insurance cover

Anything that qualifies as a disability may need to be declared when you come to purchase a travel insurance policy.

Providers will want to know the nature of your condition when offering disability travel insurance (since there is such a broad spectrum of conditions that can be classed as physical disabilities).

Epilepsy travel insurance cover

Again, the symptoms of epilepsy can sometimes be triggered out of nowhere – so it’s important to find the right level of cover, just to give you peace of mind before you travel.

Specialist epilepsy travel insurance is also available.

Travel insurance for heart conditions  

There are many different heart conditions, like atrial fibrillation for instance, that can be an ongoing issue that requires daily management. Some conditions can be classed as standalone events.

For example, if you have had a heart attack, you might think that because it's in the past, you won't need to declare it. It's important to declare your heart attack because it may have led to other underlying heart problems.

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High cholesterol and travel insurance

High cholesterol is sometimes treated by changing your lifestyle. It is also often linked to other medical conditions such as heart disease.

As such, you may not realise that you may need to declare your high cholesterol. Usually, if you declare that you have a heart condition, you will also be asked if you have high cholesterol during the insurer's medical screening procedure.

Hernia travel insurance cover

Hernia travel insurance is essential given the nature of the condition.

If you have undergone hernia surgery you may need to declare it. Surgery could indicate that your medical condition is severe. Your travel insurer will want to know about your surgery so that they can assess the level of risk that you present as a policyholder.

Travel insurance for high blood pressure

People often don’t take high blood pressure as seriously as they should after diagnosis. Daily medication is an important aspect of treating the condition – so at the very least you need an insurance policy with comprehensive cover for lost medication and medical expenses.

You just don’t know when issues may arise, so getting specialist travel insurance for high blood pressure before venturing abroad is very important.

Travel insurance for mental health conditions

Some might think that you only need to declare medical conditions if they are physical. If you have a mental health condition, you  may need to declare it when you buy your medical travel insurance policy. There are travel insurers out there that cover people with mental health conditions – form severe depression to anxiety.

HIV travel insurance cover

You might be concerned that declaring HIV will mean your travel insurance premium will go through the roof.

At Medical Travel Compared, we can help you find HIV travel insurance cover at the most competitive prices we possibly can for the level of cover provided.


Lupus travel insurance cover

Lupus travel insurance is available when you declare the condition at the quote application stage.

Cover varies from provider to provider, along with price.

MS travel insurance cover

There are four different types of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) – and you can access specialist travel insurance cover for MS at whichever stage of the condition your doctor has diagnosed you at.

In order to get the right level of cover, you’ll need to declare what type of MS you’re being treated for.

Stroke travel insurance cover

Even if you suffered a stroke years ago, you still need to declare it in order to get the best possible cover.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve made a full recovery or you’re still experiencing lasting symptoms – you will still be able to access adequate stroke travel insurance when you compare quotes with us.

Travel insurance for pre-existing conditions

In addition to the conditions listed above – there are hundreds of other pre-existing medical conditions that can be declared in order to compare quotes with Medical Travel Compared.

It doesn’t matter how small or insignificant you feel your ailment may be – the likelihood is that we’ll be able to find you a list of providers that provide specialist cover for that condition.

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