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Author: Tommy Lloyd, Managing Director

Tommy has over 15 years experience within the insurance industry, and his primary focus is helping travellers find the right cover for their medical conditions.

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Planning a trip can be an exhilarating process, filled with dreams of adventure and relaxation. But before you jet off, there’s an essential step not to be missed – making sure you have comprehensive travel insurance. Particularly for those of us living in the UK with pre-existing medical conditions, understanding what needs to be declared to your insurance provider is crucial. This isn’t just about ticking boxes; it’s about ensuring you’re fully covered.

What is a Pre-Existing Condition?

A pre-existing medical condition, in the context of travel insurance, refers to any health issue that you were aware of, diagnosed with, or treated for before taking out your insurance policy. It’s a broad term and can include everything from chronic illnesses like asthma or diabetes to recent injuries, and even conditions that you might not consider significant, such as high blood pressure

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How Do I Declare My Medical Conditions?

Applying for travel insurance is a straightforward step towards protecting your trips, and we're here to make it as smooth as possible. Just a few quick questions about your and your fellow travellers' medical history, and you'll be on your way to securing your peace of mind while exploring the world.

We're interested in understanding if there are any medical conditions, such as circulatory or respiratory issues, that might need attention. Some conditions might require disclosure if they've been part of your life at any point, whereas others only need mentioning if they've needed treatment or diagnosis in the last couple of years.

Remember, a condition is only considered pre-existing if a medical professional has given it a name. We're here to guide you through this process, ensuring you feel confident and covered every step of the way. Let's make travel insurance one less thing for you to worry about, so you can focus on planning your adventures with ease.

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Why Is Medical Condition Declaration Important?

Declaring all your pre-existing conditions when applying for travel insurance isn't just a formality—it's a critical component of ensuring your safety and well-being during your travels. Transparent declaration helps your insurance provider offer the most accurate cover that matches your health needs. If an undeclared condition leads to a medical emergency while you're away, you might find yourself facing significant out-of-pocket expenses for care that your policy doesn't cover.

Furthermore, accurate declarations prevent any potential disputes or delays in case you need to file a claim, giving you the peace of mind to enjoy your travels fully. In essence, being upfront and clear about your medical history is foundational to fostering a trustworthy relationship with your insurer, ensuring that you're thoroughly protected in any situation.

Conditions That Must Be Declared

While it's clear that your medical condition declaration is non-negotiable, understanding exactly what to declare can be challenging. Here’s a list of conditions that you absolutely must inform your insurer about:

  • If you, or anyone to be named on your policy have ever been diagnosed or treated for any cancerous, heart, circulatory, or respiratory conditions.
  • If you or anyone to be named on your policy has ever been diagnosed or treated for psychological conditions such as stress, anxiety, depression, or eating disorders.
  • If you, or anyone to be named on your policy, has been prescribed medication or attended a hospital as an out or in-patient, or any other medical facility such as a medical practitioner's surgery within the last 2 years.
  • If you or anyone to be named on your policy has been put on a waiting list for treatment or investigation relating to an already diagnosed medical condition.
  • If you or anyone to be named on your policy has been given a terminal prognosis.

Heart & Circulatory Conditions

These can include cardiac-related conditions such as:-

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Respiratory Conditions

This includes conditions such as:-

Mental Health Conditions

You can declare conditions relating to your mental health, such as:-

Cancer Conditions

If you have ever been diagnosed with cancer, you can declare your condition, such as:-


Other Common Conditions

We can help compare cover for over 2,000 different medical conditions - including some of the more common conditions such as:-

Impact on Travel Insurance Cost

Yes, declaring pre-existing conditions can affect the cost of your travel insurance. Insurers assess risk based on your medical history, which can lead to higher premiums. However, this isn’t a reason to withhold information.

We can help you compare quotes from our panel of specialist travel insurance providers, to make sure you find the right cover, at the right price, that meets your unique needs.

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Declaring your medical conditions when applying for travel insurance ensures that you can enjoy your trip with peace of mind, knowing you’re fully protected. It’s about being responsible – not just for your finances but for your health too. After all, the goal is to make your travel experiences as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

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