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Travelling With a Medical Condition

Planning to travel with a medical condition in 2023? Read this guide for tips and recommendations on travelling with compromised health.

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Do You Need Travel Insurance?

Wondering whether you really need travel insurance? In this article, we explain exactly why travel insurance is a necessity for anyone planning a getaway.

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Travel Insurance for Holiday's in the UK

Wondering whether you need travel insurance if you’re going on holiday in the UK? Read this guide to find out what cover you need for a UK staycation.

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Guide to Jet Lag

Find out from Dr Sarah Jarvis what causes jet lag, and what steps you can take to avoid suffering on your next holiday.

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Travelling With Kidney Disease

More than 1.8 million people in the UK have diagnosed chronic kidney disease (CKD), and Dr Sarah Jarvis shares her top tips for when it comes to travelling.

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Travelling with Children with Medical Conditions

Looking to travel with a child who has a medical condition? Read this guide to find tips for making it a safe, easy and enjoyable process for all.

Travel Insurance Jargon Buster

Glossary and Jargon Buster

Confused by the technical jargon in your travel insurance documents? Find out what certain insurance lingo means with our travel insurance jargon buster.

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Heatstroke & Heat Exhaustion Guide

For many, the sun is an important part of a holiday, but there are short-term and long-term risks associated with too much sun. Find out how to protect yourself.

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Strike & Industrial Action

Find out how your travel insurance policy works in the event of industrial action like airline strikes, baggage handling or air traffic control strikes.

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Travelling With Ulcerative Colitis

Having ulcerative colitis shouldn’t stop you from enjoying a well-earned holiday, so let Dr Sarah Jarvis share her top tips.

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Travelling With Cystic Fibrosis

If you or your child has cystic fibrosis, travel can sometimes seem a bit of a challenge – but with planning, it’s definitely possible. Check out Dr Sarah Jarvis' top tips.

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Travelling With Hepatitis

Learn from Dr Sarah Jarvis about the many different causes and types of hepatitis, as well as how you can protect yourself whilst on holiday.

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Travelling With Diabetes

Dr Sarah Jarvis takes a look at travelling with diabetes and shares some top tips to make your holiday go smoothly.

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Travelling With a Heart Condition

Dr Sarah Jarvis shares her knowledge on heart conditions and gives her tips and tricks to help you travel safely with your condition.

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COVID-19 & Travel Insurance

We're here to answer your questions about travelling and insurance during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Travelling With an Overactive Thyroid

A condition that is far more common as you get older, read Dr Sarah Jarvis' top tips for travelling with an overactive thyroid.

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Travelling With an Underactive Thyroid

Dr Sarah Jarvis gives us her top tips for travelling and how to make sure you're prepared before you go.

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Travelling With Rheumatoid Arthritis

Dr Sarah Jarvis gives us her top tips for travelling with RA - find out more about vaccinations, medication, rest and more.